February 24, 2010

Who Let The Cat Out Of The Bag?
A "Cat"astrophic Cat "Tail"
Y'all know how much I love pets. Y'all also know how much I love my Mother. So, when it came time for my Mom to go into the nursing home I knew that my Mom's cat was coming home with me. I would have it no other way. Only problem was, I live over 500 miles away. How was I going to get my new kitty home? I hemmed and hawed over it, and then finally decided that three 1/2 hours in the air would be better than 10 in the car. That's where I made the big mistake.

Finding out how I would be able to transport my cat was an ordeal in and of itself. I called the airlines 1 800 number, and after a half an hour was connected to a representative who happened to live in India. Try as I might, I could not understand what she was saying. After many, "excuse me's" I finally deciphered that the cat could fly home with me. Not only could she fly home with me, she was going to be traveling in the cabin right beneath my feet! What? You've got to be kidding me. During all the transfers my Dad has made in his life, our pets always flew in the cargo plane, never ever in the cabin with the other passengers. I broke into a cold sweat just thinking about it.

A call to the vet was placed and she assured me that she would be able to give the kitty some medicine that would make her sleep for at least eight hours. Hmm, okay, maybe I need some of that, too! The morning of the big adventure my sister and I chase down kitty (who is no fool). She knows when the tuna comes out it can't be good;) After unclenching her tightly closed mouth we manage to pop the pill in. Off we then go to meet my other sister for breakfast before I am to fly back home. We are positive that when we return she will be fast asleep enjoying her kitty slumber. But, OH NO.......... We open the door, and she runs to greet us as if she were ready for the cat Olympics! I gasp in horror and then the panic really starts to set in. I tell Betsy that there is no way I can take her on the plane like this. She is a nurse so she takes matters into her own hands. She says that we can give her another half a pill, and that will do the trick. Now, mind you, my flight leaves in just an hour. Will it work????? Stay tuned tomorrow!


Mrs. C said...

Can't wait for the next installment of your "tail". :)

Loretta said...

Oh dear, Susan! What a lot you've been through lately! I hope you and Kitty got home safely and that your dear parents are adjusting to their new surroundings. What you describe about your mother's condition reminds me of what my grandmother went through. She was so afraid of being put into an assisted living facility that whenever she spoke to my mother on the phone, she would refer to "when you made your final visit to me", fearing that if my mother returned, it would only be to "put her away". So sad.

I'm glad to see you posting again, and will keep you & your folks in my prayers.

Loretta in GA

Mrs. U said...

Okay, so I just finish wiping tears from my eyes from your last post and THEN I read THIS!!! HAHAHAAA!!! Isn't it kind of the Lord to give us little humorous situations in the midst of something so hard!!

I can't wait to find out what happens!!! HA!

Mrs. U