February 28, 2010

A "Cat"astrophic Cat "Tail"
Part 2

Okay, maybe my sister, the nurse, was right. After having the second pill the kitty start to get real mellow, looking like she didn't have a care in the world. (Hmm, I'm thinking maybe I need that medicine, too;) Like I told y'all, the airline is real strict about the size of carrying case, etc. so my other sister and I had hit the pet stores, measuring tape in hand, in hopes of finding the perfect one. We were so happy to find one that fit the guidelines we bought it then and there. Now, let me tell you, they don't make carriers like they used to. As a matter of fact, if you just glanced at it you wouldn't even know that it was for carrying pets. My sister even jokingly said maybe I should go and buy you some bling to put on it like the stars have! HA!! No thank you, ma'am!

Now that kitty was mellow we decided it was time to put her in the "bag." It took a little maneuvering, but we managed to "stuff" her in without too much drama. On the drive to the airport I kept fretting about what would happen at the security checkpoint, surely I thought I wouldn't have to take the kitty out of the bag. As I walk up to the checkpoint I tell the guard that I have a kitty with me. He looks at me with a grin on his face, and says, "I never thought I'd have to say this, but you have to let the cat out of the bag!" Get it?!! I was thinking, surely you jest, but has was dead serious. So, I say a quick prayer and unzip the bag to get kitty out. Thank goodness she was mellow, because it could have gotten real ugly, really fast. Kitty and I proceed through the checkpoint, and I'm happy to announce she wasn't carrying any explosives!

By the time I got on the plane my nerves were shot. There was the sweetest family sitting in front of me. Mom, Dad, and two darling little boys. Dad and the little boy sat right in front of me. Come to find out, they were going to Disney and this was their first trip. If you have ever taken your kids to Disney, then you can imagine the excitement. He was pretty much bouncing off the plane walls, and was excitedly talking about Minnie, Mickey, and all the others. Dad looked very nervous at the prospect of traveling with such an enthusiastic traveler, and I was, too, because my kitty was sitting right underneath the little boy's seat. Dad and I got into a conversation (I think he was desperate;) and I ended up telling him that my kitty was underneath his son's seat. His face lit up like a light bulb, and I could tell the wheels were turning! He leaned in and told his son that a scared little kitty (just like they had at home) was sitting just below him, so he had to be real quiet so he wouldn't scare the sweet kitty. Brilliant idea , Dad!!!!! The plane ride was great, and at the end I told the little boy that my kitty was so happy he got to sit underneath him because he had such wonderful behavior. The Dad looked greatly relieved, but he had another leg of the trip to go on, so I could see the sweat starting to pop out on his forehead again!

I'm walking through the airport looking for my next gate, and all of a sudden I hear this awful howling, and I look down at the bag, and it looks like kitty is about to bust open the bag. If you've ever seen Christmas Vacation, it was kind of like Aunt Bethany's cat in the box that she wrapped up. NOT a pretty sight, I'm telling y'all. I felt like I was at the verge of hysteria, I really did. I am NOT a drinking woman, but if I could have had a drink I think I would have;) I find an out of the way seating area, and I start talking to kitty to try and calm her down. I thought maybe if I opened the bag a little I could pet her, and that would make her feel better. I did just that, but she didn't care a bit about the petting, she wanted OUT. I quickly zipped up the bag, and set it on the floor. She was moving around so much that every few seconds that bag would fall over on the floor. I kept putting it back upright, and then my eyes caught sight of some orange fur. There kitty was poking her HEAD OUT OF THE BAG.(In the frenzy I hadn't secured it back properly). Oh, my goodness, I about had a heart attack then and there. I grabbed the bag as quick as I could and fought and struggled to "stuff" her body back in. I really thought she was going to get out, and run all over the Cincinnati airport. (If that happened I would go into the ladies room and never come out;) Seriously, I am NOT kidding .......I somehow managed to "stuff" her back in, all the while she is howling and kicking. Finally, finally they call for my flight to board.

The whole time I'm walking to the plane, people are looking at me and the crazy moving, howling bag. I manage to get on the plane, and get her underneath the seat. I had to keep my feet around the bag the entire time so the bag wouldn't fall into the aisle. We had ONE WHOLE HOUR in the air, and she kicked and yowled the whole way. Can I just saw that it was the first time I was grateful for screaming children and crying babies on a flight, because they somewhat drowned out the sound of my kitty! After what seemed liked days, we finally landed in Richmond. I really could have kissed the ground I was so happy to be home! After our great adventure in the sky, trying to integrate a new cat into a home with two other cats and a dog seems almost like a piece of cake;)

Please meet "Sunny!"

Bless her heart, this is the only picture I could get of her. She spends most of her time under our bed ~ I think the poor thing is going to need therapy:)


Arlene Grimm said...

Oh Susan...what an adventure!! Thanks for making me smile today! Loved the Aunt Bethany reference! Could totally picture it!

Loretta said...

Glad you got her home safely--even if it was a hair-raising adventure, lol.

When we came home from Germany in 1979, we had to pick up our cat in Charleston, SC, having shipped her on ahead of us before heading to GA. The boarding kennel had put her in a cardboard kennel (never did find out what happened to the regulation kennel we shipped her to the States in), and in the middle of the airport, the bottom fell out and our kitty landed on the floor of the baggage claim area. She was--fortunately--so startled that she just froze and we were able to scoop her up before she bolted for who-knows-where. Ah, the things we do for our furbabies, lol.

Loretta in GA

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I think you will understand why I used to have nightmares about Sasha or Storm escaping.

No kidding, I could always tell when I was under a great deal of stress because I'd have one of those "escape" dreams!

This kitty will soon learn what a good home she has come home to. :)

Mrs. U said...

Oh poor kitty AND poor you!! Both of you went through a serious trial!! Of course, you've recovered, but Sunny obviously hasn't!!!

Glad you can laugh about all of this now!! HAHA!!

Mrs. U

G.L.H. said...

Welcome to Sunny! I'm sure she will soon recover!

Sharon said...

What an adventure!:)And the guy at the security checkpoint made me grin with his comment.LOL ~Sharon

Sheri said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. I really enjoyed your cat/plane story. Hopefully by now he has settled in nicely in your home.