February 02, 2013

A Joyful Heart

Hello Dear Friends,

I don't know if any of my blog friends are still around, but if you are, I thought you would like to hear the news that my Miss Bonnie is engaged! Almost five years ago I wrote a post (with her permission, of course) about her heart that had been broken by a young man that she thought was the "one." She had me ask on her behalf for your prayers, and you all were overwhelmingly supportive of her, as I knew you would be. Believe me when I tell you that she cherished each and every prayer, word of encouragement, even some of your own personal heartbreak stories that you generously shared. So, along with the Lord's help, and time, her heart finally mended. She made a conscious decision to rejoice in her single hood, and left it up to the Lord if He saw fit to give her the gift of a mate. The next few years were spent serving Him, and just being happy in her single hood.

A year ago a very special young man came into her life, and I am so happy to share that she now wears his ring on her finger! I could tell it was going to be a different outcome this time. I think a Mama's heart somehow knows;) This young man has not only won Miss Bonnie's heart, he also has won all of ours! Brian is quite an extraordinary fellow. He has been blind since birth, so he has had to overcome some pretty big obstacles in his life. Brian never, ever lets his blindness define him. He is such a strong man of God, and he has been gifted with an amazing musical ability. He is a worship leader, and also a very accomplished musician. He uses all his talents to the glory of God! To me, the thing that makes Brian most special is that he doesn't see with his eyes, he sees with his heart!  We all love him dearly, and on April 13 we will proudly welcome into our family with open arms!

Much love,
Susan P.

April 13, 2011

A Gift and a Shift

Miss Bonnie's best friend is getting married over the weekend so I thought I'd share with y'all what I made for the happy couple.  Jessica loves browns and golds, she loves animal prints, and she loves contemporary, so I decided to make this initial picture. I always make my own gift bags ~ I have so much fun doing them!

Here's what I'm wearing to the wedding. As you can tell by my dress I am SO ready for Spring!  I'm playing it safe, and bringing a little shrug sweater.

Shoes I got on SALE!!  Don't you love those words?????  Now I have to paint my toes to "spiffy" up my old winter white feet.

Speaking of weddings, when I give a wedding gift I like it to be something "personal," not just some little thing off the registry.  From our wedding 28 years ago, I still have a few very special items that I cherish.  Sheets and toasters get torn and broken, but something handmade lasts a lifetime. 

Whenever I think of special wedding gifts I have to think of my sweet Mama.  Her most cherished wedding gift was a large decorated bowl. I don't know if it was because she was in love with the pattern, or if it was because it was given to her by her best friend ~ whatever it was, MAMA LOVED THAT BOWL!  EVERY time, and I mean EVERY time we had a special dinner we would always have to use this bowl.Early on Mama referred to it as the "potato salad" bowl, and the name just kind of stuck.  No matter what we were having, it was still referred to as the "potato salad" bowl. 

Mama kept it up on the top shelf of the cabinet for safety, and we were instructed to NEVER, EVER touch it unless she was around.  Whenever my sisters or I would go to reach for the bowl Mama would always say, "y'all be careful with that bowl....Mary Ellen gave it to me when your Daddy and I got married (insert correct number of years) ago."  She made us so nervous about dropping the bowl that none of us ever wanted to be the "one" to get it;) 

Mama and Daddy were married for 51 years when he passed away.  What I wouldn't give to be back in the kitchen with my Mama, cooking together, all the while worrying about dropping the potato salad bowl....... 

I know this is a totally random post, but it got me to thinking about what my most treasured wedding gift was ~ it wasn't the most expensive or fanciest gift my any means, as a matter of fact, it was handmade, too.  I'll show mine tomorrow, and if y'all wouldn't mind, I'd love to hear about (and or) "see" your's, too!

Much love,
Susan P.

April 11, 2011

Housewarming Gift

Mr. P is such a kind and thoughtful Daddy.  He wanted to get something special for Miss Bonnie for her new home.  He went on Ebay and bought this old 1948 Home & Garden magazine, which is the same year as her house was built!  He had the idea all by himself ~ I know she will treasure it always.
Conclusion of Miss Bonnie's House Tour

I think the sign above the mirror says exactly how Miss Bonnie feels about her home.  (You can click to enlarge)
Miss Bonnie got this wonderful entertainment center and the large pic above the couch at Goodwill. 

This fireplace not only adds warmth, but in the warmer months you can have the flames going just for the beauty:)  Books on top have been given for special occasions ~ remember I told y'all that Miss Bonnie loves old books.

Grammy's old dry sink.  The weeping willow tree picture was purchased by my Mom for Miss Bonnie when they went on a a little shopping excursion in downtown Midway, Kentucky.  She has had it for over three years, and feels so blessed to finally have a home for it!
Coffee table is actually Grammy's old hope chest.  The peacock runner was purchased when we were "antiquing" awhile back.  I made the arrangement ~ the flowers are sitting in my Mom's old silver pitcher. 
If this bathroom looks familiar there's a reason.  I saved everything from my old bathroom when I redid it several years ago. 
Guest room bedside table.  Miss Bonnie is SO her mother!  She has chocolates placed in the tea cup for guests to enjoy.  There's one big difference, though.  I would have already eaten them all up;)

Grammy's bed. (Bonnie has one in her room that looks just like it.  Grammy and Grandaddy slept in twin beds (just like Ricky and Lucy;)  

Well, that concludes the tour.  I'm so glad you were able to join me!  Don't worry, I'll be talking about something different next time! HA

April 08, 2011

Miss Bonnie's Bedroom
(Pink, of course;)

Handwork done by her great grandmother 

Trunk to the left was  her great -great uncle Karl's (all his earthly possessions were in this trunk )when he came over from Denmark to make a new life in America.

One of Miss Bonnie's favorite bible verses.

Bed was Grammy's.  See the elephant?  That has been her with since she was born ~ they told us in the NICU it would be good for her to have stimulation so Mr. P rushed to the gift shop and purchased "Ellie."  We played it over and over for her:)  Hopefully she will put Ellie "away," before she goes on her future honeymoon! HA:)

Close-up of bible verse.

Love the old doors in her house.  See the curtain?  One dollar on a clearance aisle!

Grammy's old dresser.  The pic to the left is of Grammy and my Mom ~ pic to the right is Grandaddy and Miss Bonnie.

Next up:  Living Room

April 07, 2011

Miss Bonnie's Dining Room

Miss Bonnie's dining room is actually a little alcove area off her kitchen.  Although the picture doesn't really show it, the paint is a soft green.  Almost everything in this area was made by the hands of a loved one.  Mr. P made the heart shelf, Bonnie sewed the napkins, I made the arrangement, and the picture on the shelf is just a piece of fabric that we framed and embellished.  The little bookcase was made by her late Grandpa.  I love it when we can be surrounded by things that mean something to us, either that have been passed down, or made by the hands of a loved one.  It's like surrounding yourself in a cozy warm blanket! Next up: bedroom!

April 05, 2011

Miss Bonnie's Home Sweet Home

When Miss Bonnie and I drove up to see this house I think we both knew it was the "one." It had so much charm and character ~ just like Miss Bonnie herself;) Bonnie loves old things, not only houses, but also people, friends and books! Her house was built in 1948 and although it was somewhat of a "wreck" it had really good bones. For the past five years it had been a rental and unfortunately, wasn't very well loved, that was until Miss Bonnie came along! She could see beyond the dirt, grime and cobwebs, and was up to the challenge.

The day that she closed on the house we all went over with her as she opened up the door to her new home. I had been wanting to do something special for the occasion and after a little looking I decided on this. We did a house blessing ~ basically what we did was we each lit a candle, and starting at the front door we said a prayer ( ie may my front door always be open to others (in the form of hospitality.) May all those that enter the door be blessed, etc.. We then went around to each room saying a prayer that was specific to that room. I must say it was a very meaningful experience to us all, and I think it was the perfect way start out in Miss Bonnie's home. Here is the before pic of the kitchen. It was in pretty bad shape.





Here are the afters. Miss Bonnie is a "pink girl", as you can tell by her kitchen! We decided to take off the cabinet doors and "showcase" all of the beautiful dishes she has collected either by antiquing or from our dear Grammy. Eventually she wants to change out the counter tops (they are pretty banged up) but that will have to come later.

Do you see the scallop design above the cabinet? Before it was white, and didn't show up.

If you've been reading my blog for long you might remember the gumdrop wreath Miss Bonnie made a few years back. It has a prominent place in her kitchen now!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little "glimpse" in Miss Bonnie's home. Next up is the dining room so stay tuned:)

March 27, 2011


Here in Virginia we were greeted with snow and sleet this Sunday morning! It is freezing cold outside, but thanks to the beautiful forsythia we can be reminded that Spring will soon be on it's way!