December 05, 2009

HaPpY hApPy, JoY jOy........

Why the title? Well, yesterday was just one of "those" days! The kind of day like when you find spare change in your coat pocket that you had left from last year, or when driving, every light you come to turns a beautiful color of green!

Miss Bonnie and I had to go to the "dreaded" mall yesterday (UGH;) Can you tell I dislike shopping? Anyway, our destination was Bath & Body Works. It's was close to eleven and the mall was jammed with shoppers bustling about. As we rounded the corner to B&BW's we both said at the same time, "oh, no." Why? Because the gate was down and the store was closed. What in the world? Well, a nice lady came up to us, who just happened to be an employee of the store, and said that the for some unknown reason the manager hadn't shown up. What to do? I decided since we had made the trip just to go to this particular store that we would wait for a few minutes. I guess it was not ten minutes later that she finally showed up and we all were able to enter the store. Now, here's the happy part. They felt bad for all the people who had been waiting so we each got a coupon for free merchandise up to ten dollars!!!! Yippee:) It was definitely worth the wait. I ended up getting three yummy smelling hand soaps for the holidays.

The other wonderful thing that happened was when I went to Walmart the item I was purchasing for Miss Bonnie (which I can't say because she reads my blog;) was supposed to be 24.00 dollars, but when I looked it had the beautiful "roll back" sign and I only had to pay 15!! I'm telling y'all, I almost thought I was going to do a happy dance in the aisle, but then I decided I better act like a grown-up and composed myself (somewhat;)

So, that is why yesterday was such a happy one! I don't know about you, but I think God delights in giving his children special unexpected blessings. I know he certainly delighted this one;)
Do you have any special unexpected blessing that you'd like to share?


Arlene Grimm said...

Glad to have you back Susan!!I need to go to Bath and Body works also...I need my Christmas soap. My special Christmas blessing this yr is my new granddaughter who was born on Dec 2nd!!

Susan P. said...

Congratulations, Arlene, I can't think of a more precious blessing than a new grandbaby!!!

Deb said...

Hi Susan ~ ditto, glad you're back! :)
My special blessing was that we got to unexpectedly see our grandson from Michigan at Thanksgiving. He's almost 1, and we've gotten to see him at 2 1/2 months, 7 months, and at 11 months. I know it's not very often, but I'm still thankful. We weren't even thinking they could visit, but it worked out that another doctor asked to switch days off with my, they were able to come!! I couldn't have been happier and is a blessing I'll never forget.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan ~

I have many blessings...but the blessing that is coming to mind is that you are feeling much better and that you are back to share your thoughts. I missed you and pray that you continue to feel better.

Hugs ~

Sharon said...

We have been seeing God's provision in some amazing ways as of late.So that's my/our recent unexpected blessings.~Sharon