December 04, 2009

Back In The Saddle
Hello to all my dear friends, I have missed y'all so much! I can't tell you how much your emails of concern have meant to me. I am so happy to report that I am doing much better and am able to blog again! There is nothing like sitting on the sidelines to make a girl realize how blessed she really is. Mr. P and Miss Bonnie took excellent care of me, although I'm sure I tried their patience many a time! lol I am so ready to begin enjoying this blessed Christmas season that is upon us. I've got Christmas carols playing right now, the tree is lit, candles are glowing, and at the moment I'm the only one at home. Why not, though? I am going to enjoy every single second this magical time of year has to offer! What about you?
When we read the story of Jesus' birth, how can we not be filled with joy?!!


Erin said...

So glad your back and happy to hear that you are doing well. We are enjoying this season, just bought my tree after work and put it up this evening my house smells sooooo good. Love Christmas!!!!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm SO glad to "see" you again. :)

I have Christmas carols playing on the computer as I type. I love the music of the season.

Mrs. Michele B said...

I've been wondering if you were okay, I'm glad you're feeling better now.--Sounds like your family took *wonderful* care of you.(o: I've been sick this whole week, myself and that is *no fun*! )o:

Many Blessings,

Mrs. C said...

You've been missed! :)

Debbie S said...

Welcome back!! Missed reading your posts - glad you're OK.

Anonymous said...

~*~ Welcome Back Susan ~*~

Hugs & Blessings