February 05, 2008

"This & That" Tuesday

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday so far. We are having a most wonderful day here in Virginia because the high is going to be 75 degrees! I have opened up all the windows and am letting the fresh air in!! After the cold, dreary days of January it is such a blessing to look up at a bright, blue sky and feel the gentle breezes blowing through our home. We go back down into the 30's over the weekend so I am going to make the most out of this glorious spring-like day!
I thought on Tuesdays I would start something new called, "this and that Tuesday." It will be a true "hodge podge" of things, really ramblings, if you will! lol Hopefully, I won't bore you to tears! We'll see how it goes!
Over the weekend someone very special celebrated a birthday. My wonderful, dear Mr. P turned 50! Each year the birthday person gets to pick out their favorite cake for me to bake as well as pick their birthday menu. Mr. P picks carrot cake every time!
For his birthday supper he chose to have:
Meat Loaf with Sweet & Sour Sauce
Mashed Potatoes with lots of butter!
Peas ~to mix in with his potatoes!
Homemade rolls with lots of butter, again!! (we don't count calories on our b'days)
We decided to put our heads together and we made Mr. P a special card for his special day. The card was entitled: HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE YOU? LET US COUNT THE 50 WAYS!!
part of Miss Bonnie's
Gerry & Ashley's
Some of mine!
Although there are a lot more than 5o things to love about Mr. P we had to limit it! We tried to choose serious as well as funny reasons! I think Mr. P liked it a lot:o) It will be my turn to turn 50 in three months!

Several days ago I wasn't feeling well and really didn't feel up to cooking. One of the things I always try to do when making a meal is to double the recipe so I can put the extra in my freezer. This has come in handy so many times when I'm not feeling quite "up to par." It is so nice to know that all I have to do is open up my freezer and supper is waiting! It also comes in handy when you have to take a meal to a sick neighbor, etc... I figure if I'm going to be in the kitchen cooking I might as well cook a little bit more!!
I also wanted to share with you two little special things I'm lovin lately. Yankee candle has come out with the prettiest scent called springtime bouquet. It is not a heavy, overbearing scent, but one that is delicate and pretty! I love the color, too! The other thing is something that Miss Bonnie has been using for several years. It is called Sleep Balm and is put out by Badger. You apply it to your lips at night before you go to sleep. If has the prettiest scent of lavender and it makes your lips feel so soft in the morning! I think I even sleep better when I put it on! lol

And finally, this is for all of you Mama's, especially ones with young children. Boy, do I remember the days of sticky fingers, dirty diapers, ear aches, etc.. Sometimes I felt so tired I thought I was going to drop and I also questioned my abilities and wondered sometimes whether or not I was really making a difference. If y'all have any of those same doubts, please don't despair!! What you are doing DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Everyday you are creating memories for your babies, memories that they will tuck away in their hearts and hold on to in the future. I promise the dirty diapers will not last forever, the love in their hearts for YOU, will though!!
"The scenes of childhood are memories for future years!" John Choules
Have a wonderful day everybody!
Much love,
Susan P.
Edited To Add: I forgot one of the most important things I wanted to tell y'all. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful compliments on the new blog look. All the credit goes to my Miss Bonnie who so sweetly does this for me each new holiday/season. I never know what she's going to come up with because it's always a secret ~ what I DO know is that it's always going to great:o)


Mary Isabella said...

I have enjoyed catching up with you. he maetloaf with sweet and sour sauce sounds wonderful...Mary

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Happy birthday to Mr. P!

I passed 50 a couple of years ago and I'm finding this decade to be delightful. I keep telling my son that wisdom really does come with age. :)

My husband is a little over seven years older than me and I've always given him such a hard time when he crosses a "decade". He waits until I reach that same decade and really teases me all day. Fortunately, I'm still a long way from that happening again.

50 really is a good thing.

Storybook Woods said...

Happy birthday Mr. P. I know you were loved and well feed !!!
yeah for the freezer. I use ours soo mcuh, I would love a second one !!!! Love Clarice

Sharon Kay said...

I enjoyed your Tuesday and birthday wishes to Mr.P...50 years and counting. Like your new header and new look and so happy that you can enjoy the sunshine today.hugs

Lallee said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. P! Lovely and personal to celebrate his #50. Peas mixed with mashed potatoes--one of my favorites from childhood.

I love the idea of pulling out a casserole from the freezer. I need to remember to do that--it's been a while since I have been that prepared.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. P! Loved hearing about how you celebrated and also this and that!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. P! The dinner menu sounds delicious and I'd love a piece of that cake! :0)
I love the idea of a This and That Tuesday, how fun! I also think that making an extra meal for the freezer is an excellent idea.
P.s. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. :0)

Mrs. U said...

What a wonderful birthday for Mr. P!!!!! I'm sure he will always remember this very special day with his loving family!!!

And I am really in the mood for a visit to Yankee Candle!! I think I need to smell this new candle! YUM!!!

It was 80 here today and we had all our windows open, too, until it got toooo hot in the house- then we turned on the air conditioner!! YES!! In FEBRUARY!!! Oh my!!!

Mrs. U

Mary Isabella said...

I forgot to tell you i adore your sweet banner. Thanks for brighten our day with that......Smiles

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Happy B-day Mr P!!!!

The birthday menu sounds yummy. Luv your blog had a great visit. Hope you stop by soon. Connie

fireflynights said...

Where did you happen to find the Sleep Balm?

Also, I very much agree with you about making memories with children. Not only are they great memories for the adults to have but when the children are adults they will have wonderful times to look back on. I was fortunate to have a wonderful mother and I have many happy memories. I have a number of friends who were not as fortunate.

Candy :) said...

This was all lovely and H.B.D to
MDIV :) hahahaa

:) Candy

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was a very nice day. I've also decided that for the next several years, I will be able to tell everyone "I'm in my EARLY 50's"; so that'll be a good thing :D


Jodi said...

A very happy birthday to Mr. P! I love your gift card idea.

Susan P. said...

Fireflynights, we purchase our Badger balms at Cracker Barrel, of all places!! I have seen them in various little gift shops around town and also you can get it from their site on the web. I hope you can find it because I think you'll love it as much as we do:o)