February 06, 2008

Love Is In The Air!
Yep, love is in the air at our home place and I'm not talking about the "romantic" kind (although I do confess Mr. P is quite the romantic;o) As most of you, I love to celebrate the different seasons and holidays as they roll around. I especially love to decorate in the entry way because that is the first impression that guests receive when they enter our home. Again, it's just those little touches that make such a difference between a house and a home!

As I walked by the table tonight I gazed over at it and it just struck me that it was just so appropriate to have the theme of "love" right next to my two babies. They are truly the epitome of "love" to me! They are not just my "babies," but my pride & joy, my delight, and most of all, my heart. What a blessing they are to me!


Michelle said...

What a lovely vignette, Susan! I love how you are all about the special little touches all around your home...your family is indeed blessed to have you!

Candy :) said...

Pretty!!! :)

Karen said...

You always have such a warm and inviting decor for the seasons! Who wouldn't feel so welcome there. I love to see what you come up with, Susan. It gives me ideas.....;0)

Jodi said...

Susan ~ I love your little entry table with the sweet hearts and your sweeties. Very pretty and so welcoming. :o0

Storybook Woods said...

You have such a mama's heart. Your children are very blessed.
Love Clarice

Linda said...

This is a warm welcome to your home and what a lovely picture of your family. How true our children are such blessings and I am very thankful for my daughter.
Have a happy day, Linda

LBP said...

Very pretty Susan.

Your decorating is so lovely and inviting.



Sharon said...

Beautiful touches! :) Did you make the doily?

SweetAnnee said...

What a great love vignette. I love the small things
that make a house a home.
thanks for sharing!

Mary Isabella said...

Lovey and how lucky your children are to have your for their Mother....Smiles

Mrs. U said...

Susan, you amaze me!!!! You and Kelli both are SO good at decorating according to the holiday or time of year! I LOVE that!! It's so cheery and thoughtful!!!

Mrs. U