January 14, 2008

Another "Make Do" Monday!

I don't know what it is about Mondays lately, but for some reason I have been in the mood to craft. Remember I told y'all about my goal to use only what I have around the house when I'm making my crafts? Well, I decided I would try to make a Valentine tree using that concept.
I started out with my old Easter tree that I have had for many years.

I then gathered together card stock, old valentine candy from last year that I was saving to make these again, some ribbon and doilies from last year, and two bows that came with a giveaway I won last year at Sharon Kay's! Last but not least, as a tree skirt I used our puppy Jake's bandanna~ don't worry, I'll give it back so he can wear it on the big day!
This is another "make do" project that I really enjoyed. It can be both challenging and rewarding trying to "make do" with what I already have! Who knows what next Monday will bring? :o)

I'm going to keep it in the guest powder room ~ it looks so pretty when it is lit!


Kelli said...

Oh my gosh, that is so pretty, Susan!! What a great idea! I love the little hearts you made and it is very romantic all lit up! Now I'm in the mood for Valentine's Day. :0)

Mrs. C said...

Another great idea, Susan! :)
Mrs. C

Storybook Woods said...

Using an Easter tree, you are sooo smart. What a charming idea !!!!! Love Clarice

Jackie said...

That does look so pretty. What a great way to use what we have available in our own homes.

Sharon said...

That is very cute!

Daughter of the King said...

so very cute...I like it..