January 30, 2007

Valentine Centerpiece

I wanted to share with you our Valentine Centerpiece for February. I bought these red carnations for 2.97 and I love them because they last forever! I wanted a special little candle and didn't see any I liked so I decided to make one myself. I bought some Valentine candy hearts at the dollar store and placed them in the bottom of a clear jar. I then brought out two red candles leftover from Christmas and put them in a little tea light holder and placed it on top of the candy. All that was left to do was add some festive heart ribbon! Easy and inexpensive!


Karen said...

Oh, I just love this arrangment! I was trying to come up with one for our son-in-loves' going away party. (he is deploying to Iraq)
Are the jars that are holding the candy jelly jars? I think I will have to make a trip to the $ Store tomorrow! :-D
What a great idea!

Susan P. said...

Karen, yes, they are! I pray God's blessings on your son-in-love and also know how much I appreciate the sacrifices he and his family are making for our great country.

Betty said...


Your Valentine center pieces are lovely. The fun little extra things that we get do to our homes are the rewards for doing laundry, cleaning, ect.
Keep up the good work!

Karen said...

I have so enjoyed your postings, beautiful pictures, thrifty finds, etc. for the past few months. I really love your style!
I am very new to the blogging world and a bit timid about commenting. You've made it easier :-).
Thank you so much for your prayers for our s-i-l. We are seeking to cover that boy, and in fact everyone serving our country, in ongoing prayer.
You have such a sweet, friendly face, and I am glad to meet you.
Please visit me at Kindred Haven anytime!

Anonymous said...

very cute~


Kelli said...

What a beautiful centerpiece! Your candy filled candles are just adorable!!!

My heart is always home said...

Your candy filled candle holders are so cute!

Julieann said...

Susan, your arrangement is lovely!