January 29, 2007

A Sweet Find And A Sweet Idea

While Miss Bonnie were out thrifting this weekend I found this darling vintage Valentine tin! I think it is adorable:o) I am going to place it on our fireplace for a little Valentine vignette.

Here is a cute Valentine craft idea that would be fun to do at home with your children. Take an empty valentine candy box and paint it white. You can then either paint or "stamp" pretty Valentine hearts on the front. Tie it all up with a pretty Valentine ribbon and you have a pretty heart to display. As you can see I have mine turned on it's side so it will "stand" up! The best
part of this craft? Why, you get to eat the yummy candy up!!


Tammy said...

Dear Susan!!!
We have visited before but I had lost track of you!! I'm so glad you dropped back by...(when I left a comment the other day if I saw the picture of you I would have known!!) but when I saw it today I was so happy!!
Loved your Valentine boxes...we used to decorate shoe boxes as kids and take them to school and hope we got a pile of Valentines dropped in the slot up top!!

Anonymous said...

So pretty and lovely~

Candy :)

clarice said...

Love the decorating a valentine box idea. Thank yo for the idea. Clarice

Kelli said...

The Valentine tin is beautiful and I love your little box with the hearts and bow...very pretty!

Mrs. U said...

Susan, this is so very pretty! You are so creative and I am very thankful that you share your wonderful ideas!! I usually am able to make crafts once I see them- I am just not good at coming up with such wonderful ideas like these!!

Thank you! It's beautiful!

Mrs. U

Copper's Wife said...

I LOVE the re-crafted candy box!! Too cute!

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a pretty tin and the heart shaped box turned out very pretty too Susan. Isn't Valentine's Day a lovely holiday to decorate for? I really enjoy it.

Helpmate said...

Thrift stores are wonderful, aren't they? Your hand-crafted box is lovely. Hope you enjoyed the chocolates!

Julieann said...

Hi Susan:) I found your Blog through Kelli's Blog---Your blog is very sweet, I am putting it my favorites to read more of:)

A lot of wonderful ideas!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I just love the decorated valentines box! :)