December 06, 2007

Day 3 of Christmas Tour

Kitchen window (my favorite place in my home:o)

lit gumdrop tree in kitchen

"Dress Me Up" plate all dressed up for Christmas!

little bear at the bottom of the banister


Christmas Tree!
Thank you so much for visiting with me these last few days. I only wish it could be in person and we could sit down and have a Christmas cookie and hot cocoa!


Kelli said...

Ooh..your tree is so pretty and sparkly, Susan! We are putting ours up this weekend and I can't wait. I also love the little gumdrops!

Jackie said...

I adore your banister. Glad to visit your home for the holidays.

Storybook Woods said...

I love your gim drop tree !!! xoxoxo Clarice

Michelle said...

Susan ~ Awww, everything looks so festive! But ya know, I'm looking out your kitchen window and I THINK something is missing....hmmm, WHAT could it be? Snow ~ yes, that's it! LOL Would you like some of ours here in MI? hee hee Are ya sure? I'll box some up and send it! j/k Thanks for sharing your pics. TTYS:)


Mrs. C said...

Everything looks so nice! I have been wanting to find a plate like the one you use to decorate with seasonally and write messages on.

We'll finish decorating our tree tonight. My kiddos are on their way home today!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. C

Heather said...

Everything looks lovely! I'll have to have my home tour put on my blog,too!

Katie said...

Lovely decorations! Thanks for sharing!