November 30, 2007

For The Love Of Christmas Cards

One of my very favorite things to do during Christmas is to send and receive Christmas cards. It is so nice to hear from old friends as well as new ones! Armed with a steaming mug of hot cocoa (extra marshmallows please) I carry my cards, markers, stickers, and stamps to my favorite cozy chair and begin writing. Of course I have to have Christmas music playing, too. (Ambiance, you know!) What do I love just as much as writing cards? Why receiving them, of course;o) Above you can see my Christmas card basket. It is empty right now, but I'm sure in a few days that will change!!
Do you like to send and receive Christmas cards? If so, how many do you think you send?
Edited to add: right before I was going to publish this post the mailman came and look what he brought! I am so excited, it our first card of the season!!!


Michelle said...

Ooooh, your first Christmas card of the season - yay! I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards but seems to me that the number of people who do exchange cards is dwindling. Is it just me or have you found that, as well? As far as the number goes...hmm, I don't know really - probably about 40 or 50, I'm gonna guess.

Have a great weekend, Susan

Mimi said...

at our church the children's group set up a post office in the foyer of the church...we address our cards to the fellow members... give them to the Children's post office... and they deliver them for 25cents apiece...
that saves us lots of money... and all the money they earn goes in to the "Lottie Moon Christmas offering" (which is a an offering sent to foreign missions at Christmas time in the Southern Baptist Churches all over America)

the Children work very hard and each year they try to top the money they earned the year before...
so of course we send and receive lots of Christmas cards through this!!!
Your basket looks like it is ready to handle lots and lots of Christmas cards...
have a great weekend!!

Storybook Woods said...

I agree it is soo much fun to give a recive mail. I will be sending yours soon. Love Clarice

Christie Belle said...

Oh, it's always fun to get pretty Christmas cards in your mailbox. We just bought our cards for the year, there are 15 in the box, so I intend to use each one. You've set the mood for card writing, too bad I won't be able to get to it until next week!

Katie said...

I just received our first Christmas card this week as well! I'm always amazed at the people who get them out before it turns December - how on the ball!! :-)

I have bookmarked your blog for awhile now - it's just lovely!!

I too have so much fun sending out Christmas greetings - for the past several years, I've been making Christmas "letters" and I attach a few favorite family photos in it amongst the text.

Thank you for this post - a good reminder as I haven't even begun to draft this year's letter!

I hope your weekend is filled with coziness!!

By the way, I read one of your posts a while back on why you are glad where you live - do you perhaps live anywhere close to where "The Waltons" was supposed to take place?? That is one of my favorite shows! I couldn't tell for sure...

Blessings to you and yours,

Heather said...

Your Christmas card basket is just perfect!! Have fun sending out your Christmas cards!

Susan P. said...

Michelle, WOW, you have me beat on the number of cards you send out!

Mimi, I am very familiar with the Lottie Moon Christmas offering! I think that is such a wonderful idea because it is such a win/win situation for everybody! I love it when children can get involved and feel like they are really making a difference:o)

Clarice, yours will be in the mail soon:o)

Christie, that will be a fun project when you get back from your Mama's!

Katie, I'm so glad you are visiting my blog ~ I love meeting new friends! In answer to your question, we live an hours drive from where the "Waltons" Earl Hamner's family lived. As a matter of fact my daughter is good friends with one of his distant cousins! The joke around these parts is that if your last name is Hamner then you are more than likely related to them (and that's true:o)

Heather, thanks, I will!!

Patty said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time and to be honest I can't remember how I found your blog. I love your blog and enjoy your pictures that you post. I enjoy reading your love for your family. I love Christmas cards and it is so much fun to get them in the mail. I bought my cards last year the day after Christmas and I plan on sending them this week. Thank you for the tip on Bath and Body Works soap. I will go this week to get some. I hoope your family has a blessed Christmas season.

Sandra Evertson said...

What a great idea!
Happy Holidays!
Sandra Evertson

Kelli said...

Yay! Your first card! I love giving and receiving Christmas cards too. I usually send 40-50 cards out.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

I don't what is more fun... sending or receiving Christmas cards! I love them. I usually send out about 80 cards. So far I have received 4 cards. Such a joy to find one in the mailbox!