April 19, 2007

Some Lovin' From The Oven!
Some days you just need a little special "something." I decided that today was one of those days. I had heard on other blogs how wonderful Anna's gingerbread was so I decided that it would be the perfect treat for us tonight. I can't even describe to you how wonderful the house smelled while it was baking! There is just something so comforting, cozy, and "homey" about a special
treat baking in the oven for your family:o)

What's even better than the delicious aroma?

Why, the delicious taste, of course! When you are having "one of those days," why don't you make some gingerbread? You will be so glad you did!


Christie Belle said...

I LOVE gingerbread! My mom makes an awesome one. Yours looks absolutely scrumptious too! It is the best right out of the oven:)

Kelli said...

What an excellent idea! I could go for a piece of Anna's Gingerbread right now!! It's one of my favorite recipes!!

Julieann said...

Yummy!!!! I also liked the photo you put with it of the ladies--very nice!


Candy said...

Looks yummy :)

picketfencemom said...

I always enjoy reading Anna's posts, and I've been meaning to try this recipe for FOREVER! Looks wonderful!
I've been MIA due to sickness, but I'm doing some catching up with everyone now. I'm glad you had a safe and happy trip! It's always good to be with family, and new babies are always a blessing to the whole family!
Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Jodi said...

Every time I see this posted by somebody it just looks better and better - lol! I'm going to have to break down and make it one day. :o)