January 05, 2007

Prayers Are Needed

A very precious blogging friend of mine is in need of your prayers. Her husband has been serving in Iraq for several months and she posted this request yesterday. PLEASE go and visit and read more about it. It would be wonderful if we could all pass this on to our other blogging friends. I know what wonderful ladies you are and I appreciate in advance all of your prayers and help in this matter.

Much love,
Susan P.


Nicholas Cardot said...

I am probably not a "wonderful lady" like you described in your post here, but maybe that is because I am not a lady. Regardless of this blessing (lol) I will be happy to pray for anyone serving our country. Thank you for informing us. I just found your blog, and I am very glad that I did. Keep up the good work.

Susan P. said...

Dear Nicholas, oh my goodness, you gave me quite a nice giggle this morning! I will rephrase that right now, "all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen!" Please forgive me:) Thank you so much for your prayers and your kind words!

Anonymous said...

I prayed for them,


Mississippi Girl said...

Dear Susan... how SWEET you are to think of us. Thank you, thank you!!

Naturegirl said...

Done. I have visited her and I hold her and the many brave in my prayers.Peace to us all.hugs NG

Susan P. said...

Thank y'all sooo much for all of the prayers and the visits you made to Jennifer. I am happy to report that she talked to her husband on the telephone and he is doing okay! Praise God!! We still need to be in prayer for his good friend as well as all the other injured soldiers in his unit.