January 06, 2007

"Winter Welcome"
Our Front Door

Like a lot of the country we here in Virginia are experiencing much higher that normal temperatures. Today it is a glorious 75 degrees with a gentle breeze and bright blue sky. If it keeps this up I am going to have to bring my snowflake flag in because it looks downright silly flying out there. I think I will have to replace it with my daffodil flag! LOL

Isn't the blue sky just beautiful??

The snowman wreath I made. I think that's about as close to a snowman as we're going to get!

We haven't needed hats or gloves so I decided to put them on the sled!

Mr. Snowman greets you as you enter the front door! Sorry, can y'all tell I was a preschool teacher? ;o)


Nicholas Cardot said...

I am over in Kentucky and we have been experiencing the same thing. Lucky for me, I didn't put up a snowflake flag. Lol.

Susan P. said...

Bro. Nic, I have been keeping up with the weather in your town because I will be traveling there next week to visit my family. I am hoping the snow stays away until we can get over all those West Virginia Mnts!

Shari said...

i love that sled!
it's so cute.
i taught k4, just for one year, before i had my baby, but it was really fun.
i haven't visited for a while, i'll have to catch up on some of your posts. :):)

Kimberly said...

Your snowmen are adorable. Apparently, we have the rest of the country's snow piled up here in Denver. Feel free to come get some. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I LOVE your wreaths that you make!
You've inspired me to do that too!
I like how you usually have 3-4 little things plus a bow on that type of wreath. Next time I go to Michaels craft store Im going to get myself a wreath and from now on, every holiday and season, I will decorate the wreath to match the occasion..I'll send you pictures then too! =)
Thanks always for the great ideas!!!


Karen C in IL said...

I really enjoy your Virginia pictures, even if there isn't any snow! I think my family is homesick for VA even yhough we only lived there two years! BTW - I have the same snowman star! Thanks for your post!

Kelli said...

Susan, I LOVE your snowman wreath, what a wonderful idea!! All of your snowmen are so cute, I hope they don't melt away with all your warm weather! :0)

Amy Jo said...

oh, your front door looks great!

I live up in Western MD, and it's warm here as well. The Almanac says we "might" get snow at the end of this month, and once more at some point next month. *pout*

clarice said...

Just charming Susan !! Clarice

Copper's Wife said...

You always have a way of fixing up your porch to be so inviting. I love this winter look especially.

Mrs.B said...

Your pictures looked so pretty! You're so good at making your home look cozy and inviting. (o: