January 04, 2007

The Importance Of A Treat

I am a firm believer in treats! What do I mean by that? Well, ask yourself this question. "When was the last time I treated myself to ANYTHING?" Now, before you answer I want you to think of something else. How many times do you spend money on little treats for your husband and children but deny yourself any?? Okay, I think I am hearing a resounding shout of "MANY!" Now, please don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about necessities like clothing, shoes and things of that nature, I am talking TREATS! When I say "treat" I don't mean a big screen plasma t.v. or ipods or am I advocating anything that would put your family in financial straits. I am talking about "little" things that can put a smile on your face and put a little bounce in
your step!

As wives and mothers we are all into denial for ourselves. Naturally we want only the best for our families and we always try to make sure they have it. But something is missing in that picture. What about you?? If you budget carefully I feel fairly confident that most of us could come up with an extra few dollars a month to be able to purchase a treat for ourselves. I am talking about maybe once a month you could purchase a pretty new nail polish or a magazine you have always wanted to buy. Maybe you could go to the clearance aisle and get a pretty pair of earrings on sale, or even something like if you have always wanted a Starbucks coffee you can plan ahead and maybe have one of those a month. You get the picture. Just a little something that you can set a dollar or two away for so that you can get something YOU enjoy! A little something to look forward to that is just for YOU.

I promise it won't make you a bad wife or mother if you do this for yourself. As a matter of fact I think it will make you an even better one because it will make you happy and you won't feel like you are always doing without. Why not think of one little thing you might like to "treat" yourself to and then plan accordingly. It is amazing what pretty pink toes or a good magazine can do to lift a girl's mood. Try it, I promise you will like it;)

*Next week I plan on posting about another way in which you can "treat" yourself that doesn't cost a dime! See my post below for what I consider to be my "treat!"


Kelli said...

Good Morning, Susan!! My toenails need help right now and I think a new bottle of nail polish would be perfect. I also think there is a new issue of Martha Stewart out. :0) Thank you for the reminder to treat ourselves once in awhile!

clarice said...

Susan, it is sooo important to not let the well go dry. We need to refull so we can give the way the Lord calls us too !! This is why I have my afternoon bath every day. Clarice

Copper's Wife said...

Susan, very wonderful, sage advice!!!! A yummy Starbuck's drink once in a great while, or a new homemaking magazine (my family knows I call these my picture books), cost just $3 or $4 and can give me the same pick me up as other women spend for a day spa treatment!!

Anonymous said...

I like to do that every once in a while too.
I actually could use a new lipstick so thats going to be my next little treat for myself the next time I go out..

Gotta run now, Im making my son his favorite lunch....grilled cheese sandwich! :) And then were gonna run out to the mall probably. He's wanting to use his Christmas gift cards :)
Last day off before he starts school again on Monday (grade 3).

Have a lovely day,

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is sitting down to a nice cup of tea and looking over decorating magazines for inspiration.

Naturegirl said...

I must admit in my old age I have become selfish and give myself permission to treat myself regularly.Manicure.. pedicures.. Reiki.. starbucks.. tea for one in various tea houses...it LIFTS the spirit up!TRY IT!