January 10, 2007

Add A Little Brightness To Your Day

I have already talked about how the winter months can be a little dreary. One way to add some brightness is by adding lights and another good way is to simply go to the store and purchase some beautiful fruit. I think that so much of how we feel is determined by our senses. You can have fun by arranging the fruit beautifully in one of your very nicest bowls. Have it on display in a prominent place where it looks inviting and it easily accessible. To me this is the real fun part of home keeping because you get to add those extra special touches for your family to enjoy. The fruit (I chose oranges) not only adds a beautiful "pop" of color, it also makes your home smell wonderfully fresh and fragrant. The best part? It's really good for you!


Anonymous said...

The oranges looks so nice and bright and makes me want one!


clarice said...

Susan I love how you are using such simple touches to make a home. Clarice

Lady Laurie said...

Yum ~ I love oranges, and these make such a pretty display. No to mention this time of year everyone could use a little extra vitamin c!
Angel Hugs!

Kelli said...

So pretty! My children have been eating lots of clementines to help with their colds.

Jodi said...

I love a bowl of fruit on the table. By using seasonal fruit -- it always helps to accentuate the time of year. My only "problem" is that my decoration is so short-lived; it seems to disappear very quickly. Apparently some very hungry mice live at my house - lol!

Mrs. U said...

The oranges look SO pretty!! I've done something similar with lemons and limes together. I just LOVE all the lovely colors that the Lord made for us to enjoy!!

Mrs. U