January 02, 2007

Let There Be Light!

January. Ugh! January has always been my least favorite month of the year. I live in Virginia and most days in January are very dreary and overcast. We can go for days and days without seeing any real sunlight and the weather is just downright "gloomy." After awhile I have to admit the lack of sunlight starts to get to me.

January also signals the end of Christmas and all the trimmings that went along with it. The house was festively decorated and once everything is put away things tend to look a little drab to me. Sometimes before I know I know it I can be experiencing the "blues." If any of you experience these feelings I have a solution! LET THERE BE LIGHT!

I have found a very inexpensive and easy way to "brighten" my mood right up. I certainly don't have a lot of money to invest, especially after Christmas, but my solution will barely put a dent in my pocketbook! I either use my old Christmas lights that I was about to put away or I can go and take advantage of the after Christmas sales with lights being 75% off! I have several ficus trees in my home and also a small palm tree. After the Christmas lights come off the tree they immediately find a new home on my other trees. I like to use a LOT of the little white lights. They look absolutely beautiful of the trees! It's like I still have a little Christmas with me and it "freshens" up the look in my home. As I walk from room to room the sight of these pretty lights just "brighten" up my mood. Pun intended! LOL

Another thing I like to do is have low level lighting on around the house. Just that little bit of "extra" light makes the room seem a happier place to be!

I have also taken a small strand of Christmas lights and put them into some of my home decor. I really like the look of this rustic birdhouse with the lights below. I have also strung lights on the shelf in my kitchen that displays my baskets!
There are many ways you can add light into your home, just use your imagination! You can also start on that winter project, take a brisk walk in the fresh air, read a great book just for fun, or put on some "peppy" music. Before you know it you will chase those winter blues away!!


Anonymous said...

Wow--beautiful! What great ideas!


Mindy said...

I love those white twinkle lights! I have some in my china cabinet..the way they reflect off of the silver and china,its so pretty! Great ideas!!
Happy New Year!

Jodi said...

Hi Susan - I've been reading your blog for some time, but I don't think I've ever commented.

What timely advice. I know so many ladies that suffer from "winter blues." About 4 years ago, I was quite sick for several months (in the winter). The sinus pressure was so bad it could make my mood just drop suddenly (I've never dealt with anything like it before or since). I discovered candlelight helped chase away the melancholies for me. Since then I've indulged myself whenever I feel a little less than cheerful. ;o)

You have some really good ideas, and I love lights in ficus. Very pretty! :o)

And since I think this is my first comment, I want to add that you have a lovely blog, too! I always enjoy your posts.

Naturegirl said...

OH YES let there be LiGhT! I'M for that however my corner of the world has been getting blue skies!!Come see!hugs NG

clarice said...

Susan, I love winter and gray but love lots of light. You have some great ideas I will incorparate. Thank you and have a relaxing Wensday. Love Clarice

Copper's Wife said...

Susan, what a great idea! I always pull out the snowmen decorations in January to ease us back into normal decorating; but I will be remembering your ideas for using the white lights when February comes. Where I live, January is usually cold and sunny; but February finds us socked in with thick, unrelenting fog for days and into weeks on end. I'm thinking I will very much enjoy having some little white lights about then. I'll be checking WalMart this week to see if there are any lights still left on clearance!