January 12, 2007

For The Love Of Aprons
One of my favorite things about being a Mom to a daughter is teaching her the domestic arts. I love the fact that "art" is in the description because I feel that being a good home keeper really is an "art" form. I think it is very important that when we look at ourselves as home keepers we see that we are not only providing our families with practical and functional things like clean homes, clean clothes, and well balanced meals, but we are also providing them with a "haven," a place that they can come and feel loved, refreshed, and special. Ladies, to me that is an art!

It's all of those extra little touches that make house a home. A fresh bowl of fruit on the table, flowers picked from your backyard that are placed in your grandmother's antique vase, the smell of homemade bread being baked in the oven, clean sheets that smell wonderful after being hung on the line,beautiful candles lit, windows open while lace curtains blow a gentle breeze through your home, special photographs of family members on the mantle and precious pictures that have been drawn with chubby little fingers placed lovingly on the refrigerator. It is these little touches that make your house a home.

I have always loved aprons. My great grandmother wore them, my grandmother wore them, and my Mama wore them. They were used not only for cooking but also as a part of their "uniform" during the day. There is something about putting an apron on that makes you want to get things accomplished! Miss Bonnie and I love to get in the kitchen and "don" our aprons. What fun we have as we cook side by side and I teach her the art of domesticity! I don't care what anybody says, I am a home keeper and I'm proud of it! People are always making jokes about June Cleaver. I am proud to admit I love her! She is a woman after my own heart! Some people might say that the apron is a sign of "repression." I say they are a sign of "expression." An expression of love that you have for your home and family.

Here is Miss Bonnie wearing an apron that we found thrifting! It is a very special apron because it is reversible. The side she is showing is the entertaining/serving side. When turned over (minus the sheer blue fabric) the apron becomes appropriate for baking/cooking!

Grandma's Apron
When I used to visit Grandma I was very much impressed
By her all-purpose apron and the power it possessed.

She used it for a basket when she gathered up the eggs
And flapped it as a weapon when hens pecked her feet and legs

She used it for a hot pad to remove a steaming pan
And when her brow was heated she used it for a fan.

She dried our childish tears when we'd scrape a knee and cry
And made a little hiding place when the little ones were shy.

Farm produce took in season in the summer, spring, and fall
Found it's way into the kitchen from Grandma's carry all.

It was a faithful servant through sad and lonely years
She even used her apron to dry away her sorrowful tears.

When the children were tucked in and their prayers were said
She would lay a clean one out at the foot of her bed.

Her job is over now, she knew she'd done her best
Grandma and her apron have been laid to rest.

If all is true about Heaven that I have been told
Grandma is now wearing a beautiful apron made of spun gold.

Author unknown

If you don't own an apron, what are you waiting for? I promise it's one of the best uniforms you will ever wear!


Mary said...

Susan, sweet post and so true. Where did all the aprons go? Chloe and DD got aprons for Christmas. Chloe loves to stand on a chair and watch her mommy. She thinks putting on her apron is the grandest thing. Bonnie looks the picture of 'homemaker' in her apron. What a darling daughter you have!

clarice said...

What a sweet young woman you have there Susan. Love this picture of Miss. Bonnie. I wish I could don my apron on and cook with you !! Clarice

Dannielle said...

I love this post!!! I agree 200% with your sentiments regarding homekeeping.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful post! I loved reading all the special things you do to make your house a home, and I especially love the picture of Miss Bonnie. What a pretty apron and the cookies look yummy!

Morgan said...

I was just thinking of doing a similar post. Thank you for the treat! I love my aprons!

Mrs. Kennedy said...

Thanks Susan for this post on aprons! I love them myself! I recently sewed 2 very old fashioned ones and then sewed one for my daughter. It is definitely a wonderful feeling to get those aprons tied on in the morning and get to work!