October 03, 2006

"To Do" "Ta Da" Tuesday
Tree of Thanksgiving!
So often times I am guilty of not being thankful for all the wonderful things that the Lord has blessed me with. I have decided that I want to become more aware and appreciative of those blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family. I wanted to make something that would demonstrate all of those blessings so I decided to make a "tree of thanksgiving!" Every Thursday I will add new blessings to each leaf and I will do this until Thanksgiving. I am placing this tree in a prominent place in my home to serve as a constant reminder for all my blessings! I think this would also make a wonderful family project to work on together:)

Supplies Needed For Tree of Thanksgiving:
1 clay pot
tree limb
artificial leaves
Paint the pot whatever color you like. I painted mine cream. After it is dry write the following below the rim: It is right to give thanks and praise to the Lord. When done the words should have gone completely around the top portion of the pot. Glue some ribbon onto the rim. Now the fun part, go in search of the "perfect tree limb!" You can make this an adventure! Once the perfect limb is found you can strip off the leaves. Place the styrofoam into the pot and then put the limb securely into the styrofoam. Once that is done you can glue the moss onto the styrofoam so it will be covered. Next, glue the leaves onto the tree. Your final step is the most important. Have each family member tell what they are thankful for and then write it down on a small strip of paper and place on the leaf. All of the leaves on your tree should be filled. Every Thursday you can add new things you are thankful for and then by the time Thanksgiving rolls around you will have one big Tree of Thanksgiving!


Mrs.B. said...

How cute! What a lovely idea....thanks for sharing it. (o:

Rona's Home Page said...

I really love your idea and appreciate that you have posted the supplies and instructions.

Naturegirl said...

Susan what a wonderful idea to display
the many blessing we all have! I love that you consider health a blessing I know that one only too well.With my Autumn vignettes that is my expression of giving thanks during this Thanksgiving week. My family will come over and we shall all be thankfull for that.Thank you for your generous comment on my post today.Blessings to you and your family! hugs NG

clarice said...

Susan what a wonderful idea. I too need to be more grateful. This is a great way to do that.
Blessing Clarice

Heart to Heart said...

I love this. I am going to get my stuff tommorrow.