October 04, 2006

My Helping Hands

This past week several of my favorite blogs have been sharing oranizational ideas. I love this because who among us doesn't need to be more organized! I thought I'd share with you a few of the ways that I have found to make my life a little easier:)

The Bag

This bag is a tremendous help to me! It stays on the door that leads out to my garage. I call it my "errand" bag. Contents: library books, Blockbluster DVD's, dry cleaning slips, coupons, packages to be mailed, bills to be dropped off, precriptions, items that need to be returned to a friend, etc. etc. etc..! You get the picture! Purpose: This bag has been a lifesaver to me. I don't know how many times I have been out and I suddenly remember, "oh, that library book was due" or "I needed to drop off the water bill" etc. Everything, and I mean everything that I need for errand day goes into that bag. It has saved me countless unnecessary second trips as well as library fines! LOL I suggest finding a "pretty" bag! If we are going to be doing errands we might as well do it in style! My bag is compliments of Miss Martha, it was free when I subscribed to her magazine! Gotta love it.
The Basket

This basket hangs on the post at the bottom of my stairs. For those of you living in two story houses you can probably relate to this one. How many trips do you make up and down the stairs in one day?? Purpose:
This basket will allow you to keep some of the clutter at bay and ultimately become more organized. This idea was especially helpful when my children were younger. How many "little" items do we have in our home? Answer: A lot!! Everything that belongs upstairs and will fit it this basket will go into this basket. At night the basket is simply brought upstairs and the items placed in their proper place OR distrubuted to their proper owner;) ** See post below for another idea!


Lady Laurie said...

Hi Susan,
Just popping in ~ hope you are having a wonderful week!

Mrs.B. said...

I love the idea for the bag on the door!

I've been doing the basket on the stairs for awhile now and you're right, it does save many steps....which I could use because I live in a tri-level! LOL (o;

clarice said...

Susan what great ideas. I am going to steal your basket at the end of the stair idea !!!
Thank you xoxo Clarice

Kelli said...

Wonderful ideas!! Even though though I don't have stairs a basket would work in my hallway. I'm always collecting things that the kids need to put away.
I love the errand bag idea! I'll have to look around here for one to pretty up!