October 05, 2006

How The Simple Morning Glory Has Taught Me Two Important Things!
Every morning when I awaken I head for the kitchen to start my day. I like to gaze out my kitchen window (my favorite spot in my house) and watch the birds and squirrels scampering about as they partake of their morning refreshment. Another thing I love to do is look around my backyard at all the beautiful trees and flowers. I don't have to travel the world to find beauty in nature, all I have to do is look out my kitchen window! One thing I can always count to greet me in the morning are these "little beauties."

These Morning Glories have taught me two very important lessons. I'm sure you are wondering how in the world can that be. Let me explain! When the sun comes up they open up ready to greet the new day. In the morning when I am admiring them it's like they are telling me ,"it's morning, it's time to get going.!" "You have a had a long night of rest , we are shining and doing our job, now it's time to get busy and do yours!" Hard to argue with that one. God has a plan, there is a time for rest and a time of work. That is the first lesson!

Secondly, I feel it is very befitting that the Morning Glory has the word Glory in it's name. All things wonderful and beautiful were made by our Creator and I believe he wants us to enjoy them AND appreciate them. He has blessed this earth with so many reminders of his love for us, they can be found in the most simple of things, we just need to take the time and see. The second lesson the Morning Glory is teaching me is that it is up to me each morning if I choose to live my life to HIS GLORY or I choose to follow my own path. I have decided which path I'm going to follow! What about you? Such important lessons from such a small flower;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. So much to praise God for in life.

Shari said...

that's such a wonderful frame of mind to wake up with in the morning.

Anonymous said...

God uses some of His loveliest things to remind us to focus on Him, doesn't He? He is far too kind. :)

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

Very beatutiful post, Susan! I love morning glories!