September 06, 2006

Wednesday Welcome
Back Porch
Built by my very talented husband, Mr. P.! I can't tell y'all how much we have enjoyed this porch! I told Mr. P. I wanted to give it a name (are y'all laughing??!!) so I came up with Willow View because we have the most gorgeous view of a Weeping Willow Tree and a Willow Oak tree. Mr. P will be making a sign to hang up at the entrance!! I know I'm goofy, I just can't help myself:) I wish I could have everyone over for a nice chat and some cold sweet iced tea!


Mary said...

Hi Susan!

I love your Wednesday Welcomes! I want to come sip some of that southern sweet iced tea with you. I'll bring the cookies!
The white wicker with those pretty cushions just makes me want to sit right down. What does the little sign above the door say? I enlarged the pic but still couldn't make it out. used some of your hankies on the tables, very pretty. Do you have lots and lots of hankies? I love the name and it isn't silly at all. It shows the heart of a keeper of her home who loves and appreciates it. You have decorated it so pretty! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

clarice said...

Susan, what a charming porch. I love how you have decorated it. Clarice

Deb said...

Very nice, esp the fact that it's screened in! We enjoyed our porch in Wmsbg because it was screened in from all the bugs in that area. Here, it's so breezy we aren't even aware of many bugs on our non-screened in porch.

I think your porch is charming, and I like the name.

Mrs. U said...

Mrs. P!!! It is just sooo lovely!!! What a blessing!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!!! My son and I (as big a dreamer as I am) told me once after we watched Pride and Prejudice "We really should name our home, you know." Well, we never got around to it, but I am HAPPY to know that your wonderful porch has been named!!!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. C said...

Oh, the porch looks so inviting--more of a room than a porch! Tell your DH "well done"!

Kelli said...

Oh, I may have to plan a trip to Virginia soon! :) Your porch is just beautiful! I adore white wicker and you have everything so beautifully decorated! Are those Marjorlein Bastien garden things you have on the table? So pretty.
Oh, I also spotted a couple of kitties in the last picture!
I sure would love to have some tea with you out there someday!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Oh Susan, I just love your porch. We have very similar tastes. I have white wicker on my porch and your cushions are very close to what I have. I think the name for your porch is just lovely!

G.L.H. said...

Your porch is lovely!! And the name is wonderful. We used to live in a house on "Brookfield Avenue," so we called it "Brookfield Zoo." Our name for the house we live in now (and probably any other we will ever have) is Kissing Hollow.
Names are great!

Lady Laurie said...

Ah your porch is lovely, I just adore white wicker. Willow View reminds me of something Anne of Green Gables would come up with!

Copper's Wife said...

Oh, Susan!!! Mr. P did a wonderful job!! I didn't realize that the porch was screened. How great!! No nasty bugs bothering you out there! It's just lovely. The wicker furniture, the white lattice work, the plants, the garlands and wreaths......Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Susan P. said...

Mary, the sign says, "Breathe in the joy of the moment!" We also have a sign that says "Where Friends Meet, Hearts Warm" "There's No Place Like Home" and "Live Well, Love Much, and Laugh Often."

Kelli, you have a good eye! Yes, those are M.B. garden items. I picked them up at Hallmark after Mother's Day for 75% off! Yes, those are two of my babies that you see. The other two are hiding:)

Ladies, I have to tell you I don't feel nearly as "silly" as I did about naming the porch, it is nice to be in such "good company!!" I loved hearing all of your names, thanks for sharing:)

Deb said...

What a beautiful porch! I love the white wicker and the way you've decorated. Enjoy!