September 12, 2006

"To Do" "Ta Da" Tuesday
Tea Cup Night Light

1.9 inch clay pot tea cup/saucer

electric candle with LOW watt bulb

With your glue gun place a few drops of glue to the base of the candle and adhere to the saucer. The saucer now serves as the lamp base.

Next, place clay pot UPSIDE DOWN on top of bulb. (Don't have candle on yet because it might burn you.) Put a few dabs of glue on top of the clay pot and carefully place tea cup UPSIDE DOWN on top of the clay pot. VOILLA! The tea cup now serves as your lamp shade! Make sure to let dry thoroughly and then you can place in a corner somewhere that needs a little bit of extra charm added to it:) It makes such a sweet night light and it is not only functional but also very pretty! I plan to use it in our main bathroom. The best part is the only thing I had to purchase was the little clay pot and that only cost 39 cents at the craft store! Gotta love it!


Lady Laurie said...

What a cute idea and a nice way to use those little teacups you can find at the thrift store.

Mrs. C said...

Great idea, Susan!

Kelli said...

Oh, it's so sweet!! I can just see it all lit up on a fall evening. What a great idea!

Mindy said...


Yellow Roses said...

How darling! I want to try this too! Thanks for the idea!

Tammy said...

I saw this over at Gracious Hospitality...cute idea!