September 14, 2006

Preparation For Guests
1. A few days before their arrival open the guest closet and dresser drawers to give them a good airing out. Chances are if they are just used for guests they might be "musty" smelling. After a proper airing either make or purchase sachets to give the areas a gentle, delicate scent.

2. While you are in the closet put a few extra blankets and pillows up on the top shelf. These should have just been laundered and have that wonderful clean, fresh scent. Your guests will appreciate it on a chilly night:)

3. Go through the guest closet and make sure you arrange it so there is ample room for your guests to hang clothes. Find a designated spot in the room where your guests will be able to store their suitcase. Instead of using those old metal dry cleaning hangers invest in a few padded hangers. Your guests will be most appreciative.

4. When you talk to your guests prior to their arrival check to see if there are any allergies you need to take mind of, such as food or animal.

5. The day before the arrival strip the bed and wash all the bedding. Your guests will be most appreciative and will have a wonderful night's sleep.

6. On the day of the arrival it is nice to have a "welcome" sign of some sort to let your guests see how excited you are about their arrival. This can be done in many ways such as a homemade banner done by your children , a welcome on a wreath, etc. Get the children involved so they can share in the excitement of your guests visit.

7. An hour before they come bake some delicious cookies so that when they come in they are greeted with a wonderful aroma. It will make them so happy to know that you took the time to bake something in their honor!

8. Have soft music playing in the background, NOT a blaring T.V.!

9. Light a delicately scented candle and place in their guest room.

10. Place a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the dresser.

11. When they are ready to unpack show them their room and then you can explain what your routine is in the morning, etc..

12. Have a coffee pot either in the room or their powder room. Provide them with nice mugs and some good tea and coffee selections.

13. Have a basket that you have place bottled water and a snack such as crackers, chips, etc. Your guests might get the "munchies" at night!

14. Have interesting reading materials along with a good reading light. You also need an alarm clock, tissues, etc.

15. Have a stocked "amenities" basket filled with items from the dollar store such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and maybe some "luxury" amenities as well!

16. Provide your guests with great towels. Don't skimp on this one!! Get the big thick cotton towels, they will love you for it. How about some fuzzy slippers, robe, etc...??

17. Provide a warm, cozy throw that they can use if they decide to take a "cat" nap!

18. Have a small dish of assorted mints or candy at their ready.

19. Provide them with a binder that you have put together. It should include a local map, pamphlets of points of interest in your area, restaurant guides, etc.. Be sure and provide a good writing pad and pencil with this so they can write down any information they might need to.

20. Last but not least, you have done all the preparation work so once your guests arrive it is time to relax and enjoy their wonderful company!!


deb said...

Susan, these are some super ideas! We have company arriving Fri evening, and I can incorporate some of these suggestions that I don't normally think about! Thanks!

magsmommy said...

Susan, Thanks for the great tips for guests. I will use some of them the next time people stay with us. Also, I just read your post over at Coffee Tea Books and Me. I love the Tea Shop Mysteries as well. In fact, I mentioned that series to Bonnie in my letter. How funny.


Mindy said...

Some really wonderful reminders to make our guests feel at home!

Copper's Wife said...

You have some absolutely wonderful ideas for making a guest feel most welcome in your home!! Do you have the opportunity to have guests often?

Susan P. said...

Deb, I'm so glad I gave you some new ideas. Enjoy your company!

Michelle, another Tea Shop fan!! Yay!! If you haven't read Joanne Fluke's books I highly recommend them, as well as the Southern Sister series. BTW, Bonnie was BEYOND excited when she found the box on the doorstep with her name on it. I believe "squealing" was involved! LOL Thanks so much for your kindness:)

Mindy, thanks for you kind words:)

Copper's Wife, the answer is "yes." All of my family lives in another state so we have frequent guests and I couldn't be more delighted!!

Mary said...

Hi Susan,

I want to come stay in your guestroom! Your ideas are so thoughtful and I loved your idea on telling them the morning routine. It is always helpful to know just what to expect in the morning. When we would stay at my auntie's in Tenn. I would always be the first up and have fresh coffee. She loved it and so did I. I am a very early riser and she always made me feel welcome in her home.
I will keep your ideas for my next overnight guests!

Kelli said...

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas with us!! Now I want to come stay at your house in your beautiful guest room! I used several of your ideas while getting Benjamin's room ready for my parents. :0)

Susan P. said...

Mary, I wish you could come and visit me because I know we would have a lot to chat about~ and I would make YOU some tea:)

Kelli, I'm so glad if I helped with some ideas! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your folks:)