August 28, 2006

A Must Have!

Ask any respectable southern gal and she will tell you that she just loves Magnolias. Why, "just because we do," that's why! Magnolias are just a much a part of the South as sweet iced tea, fried orkra and grits!! YUMMY! Anyway, that's why I came up with this Magnolia wreath to adorn our new back porch, "just because!"
*Y'all are supposed to be imagining me say that in my Southern draaawl!


clarice said...

ohhhh pretty wearth !!! Clarice

Terri said...

How lovely, Susan! And you are so funny!

Lady Laurie said...

I love your wreath ~ Love those grits too! What does grits stand for ? Girls Raised In The South!!

Kelli said...

Your wreath is so pretty. I had never seen a magnolia until we moved to Dallas 10 years ago. Now, the most amazing magnolia trees are in Houston. They get taller than the houses!


Susan P. said...

Clarice, thank you! Be on the look-out for the mailman!!

Terri, I'm so glad you could visit. Be on the look-out for the mailman!

Lady Laurie, yes ma'am, Girls Raise in the South:)

Susan P. said...

Kelli, what kind of trees were prevelant in Canada?

Mrs. U said...

OOOHH!! I LOVE MAGNOLIAS!! I dream of having a yard with a reall big, really old magnolia tree in it one day. You know, the kind where the bottom branches hug the groung. LOVE IT!!

Beautiful wreath!! You are talented!! Thank you for sharing your home's beauty!

Mrs. U

Susan P. said...

Mrs. U, I know exactly what you mean. My sister-in-law has a tree just like that. As a matter of fact, we used magnolia leaves from her tree to decorate the church where I was married. It was filled with many windows so we put lit candles in hurricane globes and placed them on the window sills and surrounded them with the magnolia leaves! So pretty:)

Rona's Home Page said...

You have a terrific blog. I love reading your posts and your pictures. I definitely need to purchase a digital camera one of these days.

Great job on the wreath.

Kelli said...

Canada (at least Ontario!) has lots of pine, maple, oak, willow and poplar. The poplar trees are fun because you can tear the white bark off and write on it. :0)


Susan P. said...

Rona, thanks so much for the compliment, you have made my day! I hope you can get a camera. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed mine:)

Kelli, thanks for answering me! How "neat" that you can write on the bark, I learn something new everyday!!