August 26, 2006

The Masterpiece

A treasure of my Father's own design
Lay shattered on the floor at His feet
It seemed it would be impossible
To mend this broken piece

The original handiwork was rare
It was priceless to be exact
Yet there it lay in pieces
On the floor of my Father's feet

I saw the tears in my Father's eyes
As he gazed on his treasure so rare
He knelt down and began to rearrange
Each piece with utmost care

As each teardrop fell on a broken piece
Rough edges were washed away
Lovingly He labored through the night
His priceless, broken treasure to restore

I saw that at last every piece
Had found it's proper place
As guided by my Father's hands
And His amazing grace

Then He smiled , I heard him laugh out loud
At the vessel He held in His hands
"You're so much more than a treasure, you see
You're a Masterpiece, My Child!"

As I felt his arms wrap about me
Securing me close to Himself
I understood that my broken mess
Had been healed by His own blood

As I lifted my face, I smiled at Him
And saw Him smiling back at me,
And I knew right then what I was worth, for
My Father's Masterpiece is ME!

*Author unknown

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