August 25, 2006

Friday Favorite: Friends Who Share Ideas!

A New Use For Hankies!
Several days ago I got an email from a dear lady who reads my blog. I had done a recent post of my love of handerchiefs and the different ways I like to use them. Mary was so kind to send me a picture of a way I had never even thought of. She uses them as placemats when she hosts a tea! Isn't that a clever idea?? I just loved how her table looked so I asked her if I could share the picture with you and she graciously said, "yes!"

Isn't that lovely?? I love how the table looks with all the different colors and patterns. Remember, everything doesn't have to be "matchy matchy." It looks so much more inviting and interesting when you do this. This will also afford you the opportunity to use some pieces that hold special meaning to you, they don't have to match identically and I think it allows you to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of each individual piece even more. I noticed right away the beautiful green Depression glass bowl. Mary explained that it came from her grandmother. Imagine what a grand time you would have telling people stories about your treasures and hearing stories of theirs! I don't know about you but I would love to be a guest at this tea table!!

Recently Mary had asked if I thought she could make my Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins (see my archives) into mini muffins for a luncheon she was going to have. I told her I thought they would do fine and she sent me a picture of the luncheon table with the mini muffins ready to be eaten. She said that they were enjoyed by all!! Again, wouldn't you love to go to a luncheon at Mary's house??!! Thank you so much for sharing, Mary!

Who would you like to have over for tea? Maybe a neighbor, an elderly person, someone going through a tough time? Remember, the most important thing in having a successful tea is a loving heart, a listening ear, and a genuine smile. Delicious tea and a few "goodies" are needed, but the most important thing you can give is "good old fashioned loving hospitality!" I know there is somebody who would love to be a guest at your table!


Lady Laurie said...

How lovely! I love finding new ways to use hankies. I so enjoy having my afternoon tea, even if its just me and our kitties and doggie, for they make wonderful company too!

Copper's Wife said...

(Please forgive me if this posts twice. I think blogger ate my first comment, though.)

This was a lovely idea from Mary. I love it!!

And I consider having friends, on line or in real life, to share tips about homemaking and such to be one life's favorite things too!!

clarice said...

Mary is brillant !!!! I am pulling out my hankies !!! Clarice

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

I just love the idea of using the hankies as placemats...very pretty!

Kelli said...

I LOVE the hankies as placemats idea! What a beautiful table. I have my hankies on top of my desk and I'm going to move them into the kitchen linen drawer and use them!


Susan P. said...

Mary, everybody loved your hankie placemat idea! We are all ready for you to make your own blog so we can visit and get some more great ideas:)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That is beautiful, Mary; thank you for sharing! :)