August 28, 2006

Life Lessons via Signs

I feel like these two "signs" both have a very good lesson to share. They are both hanging up in our new back porch!


Mary said...

Hi Susan!

I love magnolia blossoms and I have several in my home. The wreaths you put together are always so pretty! I am a southern gal even though I live in the Midwest. My dad was from Tenn. and I have so much family there. I claim my southern heritage. And..isn't it just wonderful to hear the young people address their parents and older people as Ma'am and Sir? I love to just listen to Paula Deen's sons. She is just the sweetest! I am writing a book here!~

deb said...

Hi Susan,

I like your signs and wreath! I just purchased a new sign for our front porch--a souvenir from the recent anniv trip. It says, Welcome to my porch! Swing on in! :)

Mississippi Girl said...

LOVE those signs... and that wreath is just precious!
Jennifer R.

Susan P. said...

Mary, I knew you would love Magnolias too! Paula Deen is one of my favorites. I would love to visit her restaraunt!

Deb, I love your porch sign. I tried to find one about a porch but couldn't find a single one.

Jennifer, Thanks!!!!

Kelli said...

Both signs are lovely and good reminders!
Speaking of good southern cooking, Paula's Deen's banana pudding is soooo good!

Susan P. said...

Kelli, I have tried the "nana puddin!" YUMMMMMM!! I have several of her cookbooks.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I have a very similar sign to the "Live Well...." one; it is displayed in our family room. Also, in these comments, Paula Deen's banana pudding was mentioned. Mmmmm, I love banana pudding; where might I find her recipe? Thanks!

Susan P. said...

Bluebird Rose, to get Paula Deen's banana pudding recipe all you have to do is go to and look at the recipe search. Type in banana pudding and nine recipes will come up. Click on Paula's not yo mama's banana pudding recipe. YUMMMMYYY!