August 21, 2006

A Girls Afternoon Out
Over the weekend Miss Bonnie and I decided we needed a little "girls afternoon out," so off we went. One of our favorite places to go is the old antique mall in the downtown area. I'm telling you, you could spend hours there just exploring! We always leave with some little "treasure" that we just "had to have," and this time was no exception! Miss Bonnie found an apron that was reversible. One side was used for when you were cooking and the other side when you were serving! She also found this antique powder box she will use for hair accessories.

Most of you know how much I love handerchiefs. I love using them, I love giving them as little "I'm thinking of you" gifts, I use them as you would use a doilie, and I am in the process of making a table runner.It really makes a nice presentation when given as a gift. I tie a satin ribbon around the hankie and then add either a little sachet or a pretty little flower. Very little effort to let someone know I care and I was thinking of them. I guess little by little I am trying to "bring back the hankie!" To me they represent a kindler, gentler time when femininity was celebrated and attention to detail was important. When I walked into the store the owner said, "it's the hankie lady!" Need I say more?? LOL


Lady Laurie said...

Dear Susan,
I love hankies! I finally got around to replacing "kleenex' in my purse with a pretty lacy or floral hankie. I love the apron ~ gone are the days when I got flour or whatever all over me ~ now its aprons all the way!!

Deb said...

I also love to collect hankies. Yours are so pretty!

Sandra said...

I just posted about linens, including hankies, on my blog and come here and your talking about hankies, too!

I have a small collection of hankies and am always looking for more. Love the apron too. :o)

Copper's Wife said...

The apron is so pretty - I LOVE the reversible nature, especially since one side is especially nice for serving in!!!

How fun to have had an outing with your daughter!!

Marie said...

We're back!! Love those mother/daughter shopping trips such as described in your blog!! The apron is cute......
The Vermont Country store does have pretty embroidered hankies, BTW!!

Mrs. U said...

Mrs. P,
Where do you find your lovely handkerchiefs? I think they are dreamy and would love to start carrying them. :)

Mrs. U

PS- I LOVE the lemon cookie recipe you posted, too!! I can't wait to make them! I'm a little cookie monster! LOL!!!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Hi Susan, I love everything you and your dd found at the antique mall. I, too, have a collection of hankies. They belonged to my dear Mom.

Susan P. said...

Lady Laurie, yeah, another hankie lover! You are right about the aprons, they are not only pretty but they also very useful:)

Deb, I would love to see your collection!

Sandra, I LOVED your post on linens!

Copper's wife, we thought the reversable part was so neat! We got all excited when we found it:)

Marie, welcome back!!! I have emailed you! Thanks for the tip about the Vermont Country Store.

Mrs. U., I usually find my hankies in either thrift stores or antique stores. I bring them home, clean them up, and then add a "special little touch" that I will be talking about on Friday! BTW, If you are a "little" cookie monster, then I am a "BIG" one! LOL You have to try the lemon cookies, they are absolutely the best!

Kim, what a wonderful treasures you have from your dear Mom.

Kelli said...

What wonderful treasures you found! I LOVE the hankies. They are so pretty and so is the apron. I love how it has two sides!!!


P.s I keep a hankie in my purse. :0)