August 22, 2006

Floral Topiary
Step-by-Step Directions

Take one of the three inch Styrofoam balls and cut in half. Take the cut half and secure into bottom of tea cup by using either the glue gun or VERY sturdy double sided tape.(round part up)
Glue green moss onto the top of the ball making sure that none of the white shows through. I like to have a lot just because I like the look. Snip the flowers off of the stems. The ones that had little leaves I decided to keep on because I think they added a sweet touch. I then took one of the larger green floral stems and put a dab of glue on both sides and inserted into the styrofoam ball in the tea cup and attached the other styrofoam ball to the top of the stem. I started to glue my flowers onto the ball, spacing them out to make room for the others. Just "eyeball" it, whatever looks good to you will look GREAT! After the ball was completely filled with flowers I then made my bow. I placed onto the top of the stem (Just beneath the floral ball) using wire. I then tied on another ribbon and folded it "accordian" style. I really like the look of this. Be sure and use wire ribbon, it looks so much nicer and is easier to use!
Final Step: Step back and say, "Ta Da!"


Mrs. C said...

Very lovely! These would make great centerpieces for a ladies' meeting or banquet.

Mrs. C said...

P.S.~ I've tagged you over at my blog!

Susan P. said...

Mrs. C, I agree with you! I hope you will be able to use some of these ideas:) BTW, I will be headed over to your blog soon!!