August 01, 2006

Different Ways To Use The Tussie Mussie!
Can be used to create a pretty vignette.
Can be used as a decorative wall hanging.
I wrote my name on pretty scrapbook paper and used the tussie mussie as a place card and then a party favor.


Mrs. U said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful idea!! The next time I am taking a meal to a family, I think this would be a beautiful thing to include!! Flowers make everyone feel so much more cheerful!

Mrs. U

G.L.H. said...

Nicely done! And so easy, too. Thank you for sharing.

Mindy said...

Great idea! So pretty and elegant! Simple to make too! Thanks for sharing this with us..blessings to you...

Susan P. said...

Mrs.U, what a wonderful idea!

g.l.h. and Mindy, thank you. I told you I love EASY!