July 31, 2006

Pets, Presentation, and Porches!

How's that for a post title. I couldn't think of a thing to post about today. Do you ever have that happen?? Anyway, this is a post about a lot of "nothing!" I'll try to be brief, I know I am a rambler:)

Pets: We have many: black lab named Jake, three cats named Buster, Bailey, and Annabelle, a parakeet named Birdie Boy (how original, huh?) and my daughters guinea pig named Hershey. Okay, I think that's it! Maybe I better double check! LOL. Anyway, we had to take two of the cats for their shots this morning. Try getting a 16 pound cat into a small carrier, NOT FUN!! Did you know that cat's shed like crazy when they are nervous?? I left the vet looking like a very "hairy chested" woman! The vet's waiting room is the only waiting room I don't mind "waiting in!" It is almost entertaining. People with pets are about some of the friendliest people you would ever want to meet. Watching the big dogs interact with the little ones can be quite amusing. I also love to chat with the owners and hear all the names of their pets! Anyway, I'm $90.00 poorer and a lot hairier, but we all survived. BTW, I need to post someday about the time I went to the vet and ended up in the sewer!! I'm NOT KIDDING!

Presentation: I am going to tell you a secret. I love EASY. I love to bake but sometimes in this heat I just don't feel like turning on the oven. So, what to do when you have friends coming over? You hop in your car and drive to your nearest supermarket and buy something that THEY baked. I always have two things on hand at my home and they are dolies and powdered sugar. Those two things can make anything taste better! See below:

Before Remember: "Appeal is half the meal!"

Porches: Mr. P and I have been building (oops, I should have said Mr. P HAS been building) a screen porch. I am his ever faithful helper! I supply plenty of refreshing cold water and am always ready with a big smile and lots of words of encouragement. ( Y'all he's doing this screen porch all by himself!) We were hoping to have it ready for the fourth of July but with all the excessive heat and his work schedule it has almost been impossible for him to get a lot of work done. We are now shooting for Labor Day. Will take pics of completed project while we are rocking in our wicker rockers sipping lemonade!


Kelli said...

Susan, thank you for the sweet comments you left for me on the home tour. :0)

Wow, you've had a busy morning at the vet! I would love to hear the sewer story! LOL

Those brownie bites are so good and yours look very pretty on the paper doilies. I am a fan of both. ;0)


Mississippi Girl said...

Appeal is half the meal.... I LOVE that!
Jennifer R.

Susan P. said...

Kelli, I will post the sewer story in the next couple of weeks:)

Jennifer, I loved the quote your Mom had on the refrigerator magnet when you were growing up! Had never heard that before. We learn all sorts of new things in "blogland!"