August 01, 2006

"To Do" "Ta Da" Tuesday!
Tussie Mussies
Welcome to the first craft Tuesday here at the Home Place! Hopefully, it won't be the last! LOL I wanted to start with what I consider to be a very beautiful as well as a versatile craft. We are going to be making Tussie Mussies. Don't you just love that name?? They were very popular in the Victorian era. Basically what it is is a small bouquet in a cone shaped container. All my materials were bought at Wal Mart. The ribbon was 44cents, the bunch of flowers were as well. They are found right next to the ribbon section, NOT with the artificial flowers. For this project you will need:

6 inch diameter dolie, ribbon and small bunch flowers (your color choice,) glue and scissors. I have also used little cloth doilies in the past. If you decide to do this use a glue gun for gluing. They make excellent wall art.

Make into cone shape

Glue together

Cut ribbon 7 1/2 in.

Glue to form handle

Snip one small flower off bunch and place flowers in cone. Make sure lacey part is in front.

Tie ribbon around cone and form bow. Take the extra flower you snipped off and glue to center of bow.

Then say, TA DA! See post below on ways to use the tussie mussie!


Deb said...

Craft Tuesday ~ what a great idea. I love your tussie mussies...thank you for the great idea and instructions.

Amy said...

Very pretty Susan. I look forward to seeing all your crafts! I've seen Christmas themed tussie mussies used as beautiful tree ornaments as well.

clarice said...

Ohh very swet. I love tussies mussies !! Clarice

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

These would make nice favors for a bridal shower or a Mother/Daughter banquet.

Mississippi Girl said...

SO sweet!!
Jennifer R.

Mrs. Linebarger said...

Ta da!!! I love the new Tuesday theme and the tussie mussies are too cute!

Susan P. said...

Thanks ladies! I have gotten three new uses for them from y'all!
Christmas ornaments, favors for mother/daughter banquet and for a bridal shower, and also Mrs. U suggested bringing one along when you take a family a meal! All wonderful ideas!

Becky said...

First of all, HOW CUTE ARE THOSE???? I love them!! Looks easy enough that my kiddos could make them for their gmas at valentines day or may day or mothers day!! Second, I am just AMAZED at your dollie talent!!! I don't think out of the box nearly enough. LOL!

Kelli said...

How pretty!! What a great craft girls will love making these!