March 24, 2011

A "Happy Heart Moment"

Brought To Me By Mr. P

Scene: Supper table

Characters: Mr. P and Susan P.

Act 1: Mr. P (who looks very tired) is discussing his day at the office. Talks about having to deal with problematic people, situations, etc..He then states that when he is dealing with all the "craziness" out in the world he takes heart in the fact that soon he will be at home. Once he walks through the front door he knows that the crazy chaos of the world can be left at the office. The deadlines, the pressures, and demands seem far away as they are finally replaced with peace.

Now it's me eleborating as you know I like to do! Mr. P knew that the harsh words heard throughout the day would soon be replaced with soothing, encouraging ones. Ugly frowns and ugly attitudes would be replaced with smiles and understanding, and the chaos of the day would finally turn into calm. Wow!!! No wonder he couldn't wait to leave that all behind and come home!!! Who wouldn't???

Home should be a place of refuge for our family~ a place of understanding, acceptance, and love. Please don't ever devalue or underestimate the role you play in creating this type of home for your family. All those extra little touches do matter, as a matter of fact, they matter a great deal!!! That home-cooked meal, the flowers from the yard that are now a beautiful arrangement on the table, freshly laundered sheets ready to be slept on, clean, shiny windows to see the world through, buttons sewed on, groceries bought with healthy meals and budgets in mind, the beautiful scent of a candle burning, and the beautiful sound of soft, soothing music playing in the background. A listening ear , a kind word, or a gentle touch can truly make a difference. All these things and more come together to make our house a home, a home that our family longs for.
Just as Mr. P took heart in the fact that he knew he would be home soon, your families do, as well. Although you might not always hear it, these little things do matter to them. Why, you might think they don't even notice, but, believe me they do. All these little things add up, they add up to turning those four simple walls that make up your house, into the home of your family's dreams!

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