October 07, 2009

One Of Those "Light Bulb" Moments!

Every now again and get the urge to switch things up a bit in my home. Okay, I confess, not just every now and again:) Anyway, my goal is to use what I have and not go out and spend any more money. Sooooo........here's my idea.

In one of our bathrooms we had this boring old lampshade. I wanted to give it a little "pizazz," (love that word;) so I thought and thought. While I was thinking my eye wandered over to my ribbon stash. Do y'all remember how I told you about all of the beautiful ribbon I'm always finding at the Dollar Tree? Well, my much to my delight my eyes stopped gazing and landed on the beautiful Christmas ribbons I had purchased a few weeks earlier! Ah, ha.......this is what I'll use!

All I did was take the ribbon and wrap it vertically around the shade, just like the manufacturer uses the plastic wrap to cover it so the lampshade will be protected. You know, it's always such a pain to remove.

I then went to my trim stash and picked this out. I attached it to the shade and VIOLA! I love it!

I also wanted to try it a different way so I took some of the gold ribbon I had purchased.

All I did was tie it on and made a bow.

I wish the pictures did the shades justice, but they don't. You'll just have to take my word! The one thing I love about this ribbon is that it just isn't for Christmas alone ~ it can go with your everyday decor!


Anonymous said...

I like it! Debbi

Erin said...

Very nice!

jen said...

Very cute. Have a great day! ~ Jen

Mrs. C said...

It's amazing what you can accomplish by spending very little $$. ;)

~Karen~ said...

What a neat, frugal way to change up things!
So glad to find you again, via Mrs. C. I thought you had left blogworld, as I did, for a while. I've got a lot of catch-up reading to do!