October 21, 2009

Down And Out
I am not a good patient ~ there's no two ways about it. For the last week I have been unable to go about my regular routine due to an injury to my arm. First of all, I'm a baby when it comes to pain.I just plain don't like it!! Second, as Mr. P says, I am an "couch" quarterback! From the couch I can see most of the goings-on in my home. I have an especially good view of the kitchen. NOT a good thing, ladies!! Mr. P and Miss Bonnie are managing quite well and are completely capable of carrying on the household duties in my place. However, I have this crazy need to give "added" instructions along with what I consider to be helpful tips, much to their chagrin! I have a feeling if I don't stop it, they might see to it that I never recover (if you know what I mean;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan ~

It is so good to hear from you...but not so good about the injury to your arm. I hope things are getting better for you! I do understand how difficult it is having to give up our homemaking duties to others. It is wonderful that you have Mr P and Miss Bonnie to carry on with all of the chores needing to be taken care of. I am sure that they are doing a fine job. Just rest and take care of yourself! Simple blessings!


Amy O/picketfencemom said...

Hi there!
I'm so sorry to hear about your arm injury. You just sit tight and close your eyes....then you can't see what's going on! Or better yet, keep your eyes occupied with a good book or magazine. LOL
Hope you feel better soon!
Take care.
Amy O/picketfencemom

Michelle said...

Hi Susan~

Oh no, sorry to hear about your arm! Sure hope you have a quick recovery. Yes, you need to just dive into a good book so you'll be distracted! LOL

Michelle :)

Arlene Grimm said...

Hope you are on the mend soon...just keep calling those plays from the couch!lol....all moms understand this!

Debbie S said...

So sorry about your arm! I totally understand about being a couch quarterback - I think all moms do this to some extent. I know my kids start rolling their eyes when I do it - that's when I know I better quit before I lose ALL my help - ha!

Take it easy and like others have said, get some good reading in. Those chores will be yours in no time.

Debbie in KY

Mrs. C said...

So sorry to hear about your injury! :( It's so hard to let go of things when you're used to taking such good care of your home and family. I will be praying for your recovery! :)

Loretta said...

Hey, Susan,

I'm sorry to hear about your arm injury. Praying you'll be completely recovered and able to get back to your normal routines soon!

Loretta in GA

Jackie said...

I hope your arm gets better soon. Let Mr.P and Miss Bonnie spoil you a little bit.

I haven't checked here in a little while so I just want to say "Welcome back, I have missed you."

God bless.