August 10, 2009

Sitting Pretty
Did you know that you can get coupons from some of your favorite stores online? I sure didn't. Okay, are y'all laughing at me??? I honestly didn't know, I guess I'm probably the only one around who didn't!!!! I did know about using coupon codes when you order online, but I didn't know you could also print coupons out and then take them to your favorite store. So, I ended up using two 20 % off coupons from Kirklands. I have been looking for quite awhile to find the perfect pillow for my dining room chair and I think I have found it in this darling bow pillow! I also love the monnogramed night light, it just makes me smile:) They didn't have any P's left so I got an S for Susan instead. Don't worry, Mr. P won't feel left out, he never notices that kind of stuff!!! lol

Here's the link to the coupon site. I thought I'd share because I know we are all looking to stretch our dollar, especially these days.


Abounding Treasures said...

No, you're not the only one ~ I had no idea either!!

I love the chair and the monogrammed nightlight is adorable :o)

Whitney said...

Thank you! You're sweet! Sure, the bottom coat that the entire room was painted originally is Wise Owl by Kelly Moore. We painted with an glaze over that and I can't remember the color but it is from Lowe's. I'm not home right now but I will give you the color tomorrow when I go home. If I forget, remind me! :)

Candy-Faith said...

Soo pretty, I love it when you wrap ribbon or material around your pillows!
Im looking forward to seeing a door wreath! Been a while since you posted one and those are some of my favorite posts, seeing your seasonal or holiday wreaths :)