August 11, 2009

I Always Think Pink!

Y'all, I think I'm a "Pinkaholic!" Every time I reach inside my closet for something to wear, or look in the shoe rack for something to put on my feet, or even in my jewelry box, the color I most always pick is pink! I guess I love the color so much because it's femine, as well as it looks good with my skin tone.

Years ago I read the popular book about seasonal dressing, and I found out I was a Summer. Colors that look best on me are the pastels, and they are also the colors I feel the most happy and confident wearing. Before I read the book I didn't really know what season I was, and it was funny because in the book it said you probably already know you are season just by taking a look in your closet. It said that we are usually drawn to the colors that we feel the best in. Sure enough, what was in my closet? The pastels!!!!!! For example, what I wore today is in the picture below.

Why, I even had on pink lipstick!

Now to the point of the post. The book I was referring to was Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. It is wonderful in helping you determine what color clothing, make-up,etc. you should be wearing to enhance your already beautiful self!!!!! I will say that the book was written quite a few years ago, so most of the fashion pictures are out of date, but the information on seasonal dressing is timeless. I don't have a need for this book anymore, so I would love to give it to one of you. Just leave me a comment if you'd like it. If there are more than one of you interested, I'll draw names. I'll announce the name on Friday!

Much love to all you Summers, Falls, Winters, and Springs out there,

Susan P.
Edited to Add: Since Monica was the only one that expressed an interest in the book then she will be the one to receive it!!!!!!! Congratulations, Monica:)
Mrs. U, thanks for the compliment!!! I always buy my jewelry on sale ~ I can usually find great stuff at Kohls or Penneys. Oh, and to answer your other question from several posts back, the candle was from WalMart. It was very inexpensive and smells heavenly.
Patty, I can tell you are a "Fall" with your beautiful skin tone and the color of your hair!!


Patty said...

I love pink too but I am more of a Fall girl. I am more drawn to oranges and browns and I love black and white. I even like pink and brown together. :)

I loved your jewelry!

I hope you are having a great week!

OH, I thought of you yesterday. I was at the library and saw Martha Stewarts book on House cleaning etc... I can't remember the title. The book was thick and full of all kinds of info on cleaning, buying furniture etc...

Mrs. U said...

Hi Susan!!!
LOVE your pink!!! And where did you find your necklace and bracelet? SOOO pretty!!!

I already have this book and it's really interesting!!! I always wondered why most pastels look AWFUL on me and then I read this and discovered why!!

Whoever wins this book wins a wonderful help!!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

This book would be so helpful! I really don't know what colors are best for me. I usually go with black.
Love all the pink!
monk5 at charter dot net

Erin said...

I am a HUGE pink fan always wearing pink as well! I love the new look of your blog.