August 02, 2009

My Secret Garden

After reading the book, The Secret Garden, it was always my girlhood wish that one day I would have one of my very own. It fills my heart with joy that now I can say I do! Won't you come for a visit?

Enter through the arbor. If you look closely to the right you might spy a little fairy!

Yes, here she is and look what she is holding. Why, it's a key to the garden!
Now that you have the key you follow the path and you will see ..............

that butterflies are welcome

and so are ladybugs! Of course they would be,
they represent good luck.
Stately trees stand at attention

And hummingbirds visit to partake of some refreshing nectar

Along the path you will see my Grammy's old wash tub and oil can

And you can hear the trickling fountain beckoning birds to come for a drink

At the end of the path you will see this serene pond ~ if you look closely you can even see fish swimming!

Flowers blooming

Little jug boy from my Grammy

And of course you need a good place to sit and enjoy it all! It's even more special when you have somebody special to enjoy it with;)

And at night when the whole garden goes to sleep, the fairies come out from under their toadstools and dance around the fountain! How do I know? I saw them!
This post is dedicated to my dear Mr. P and my two wonderful children because they made my childhood dream become a reality!


Patty said...

Your garden is so pretty and I would love to sit with you and enjoy it with a glass of sweet tea. :) One day I hope to have my very own garden.
Have a great day!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Awwww... that is so pretty.

I would also enjoy "taking tea" with you in your secret garden. :)

Madonna said...

I so loved that book and always wanted a secret garden just like that. I also wanted a Dicken with all his animals. Your garden is so lovely.

Mrs. C said...

I've been away from the computer for the last week or so, and look what happens!!! :) My heart is just absolutely thrilled that you're posting again! I've missed you, my friend. ;)

Mrs. U said...

Oh Susan!! This is SOO pretty!! What a delight it must be to sit there and enjoy all of that!!!

Mrs. U

Dorothy said...

Your garden is so lovely. I wish I could see it in person and, of course, meet you in person. I'm glad you've started posting again. I just knew you couldn't stay away for long. And I believe a blog is really a journal. Please don't ever delete it. You'll be sorry if you do, and so will we.