August 06, 2009

The Gift Of A Rainy Day

I awoke this morning to gentle raindrops pattering against my window pane, and I smiled because I knew it was going to be "one of those days." I believe every so often God brings us one of these days as a reminder to take a big deep breath and slow down a bit. Although I do love summer, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the heat and busyness that comes with it.

The sunlight that usually streams through my window was absent, so I thought what a perfect time it would be to light some candles.

I just love how my home looks with the beautiful candlelight flickering, most especially on a rainy or dark, cold winter day. It gives me such a warm, cozy feeling and makes me so glad that I have a "place called home!"

Rainy days will almost always find me in the kitchen doing a little baking. I baked these cookies today, and they smelled and tasted delicious. Mr. P said that the house smelled so good when he arrived home. I just love that! It makes
my heart smile:)
I also sat down and a wrote a few notes to dear friends. I used the darling "S" note cards my friend gave me for my birthday. I looked on the back of the note cards and do you know what the company is called that makes them? Chic Chat!! How cute is that?
I also took the time to peruse some of my beloved Victoria magazines (love the blue and yellow cover)
And had a nice cup of hot tea with Emilie Barnes!
Finally, if Miss Bonnie were here she might tell you that I even took a cat nap! Who? Me? I think she's mistaken, see, the bed is made;)

Ah, thank you Lord for this beautiful rainy day. I guess it's good that they don't come around too often, or I'd probably never get anything done!


Erin said...

I am so glad that you are back! I agree that blogs are not what they used to be................. but I am so glad that you decided to come back and bless us. I love your blog and the simplicity of it, just you sharing your heart, no twittering, oh don't get me started on that one! And yes, I love a rainy day and the cozy feeling that comes with staying inside getting things done and baking. I have a day off from work today, here in New York we are having wonderful cool temps, this is my fav weather and I love to organize and clean in it!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Exactly the kind of day I love. :)

Mrs.S said...

Where I live now rain is a rare thing. Reading your blog made me homesick for rain! It was a lovely post.

Mrs. U said...

WONDERFUL post!!! So warm and inviting!!

I have to ask about your cute Farmstand candle. Where did you get that? Adorable!!

Mrs. U

Amy said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! I had started reading not too long before your break and was really enjoying your blog- it is such a relaxing place :)

I live in the desert so a rainy day is really something special here - send some of it this way please!

Patty said...

I love rainy days. It is a great day to spend in your jammies and read or watch movies and it always puts me in the mood to bake. :) Of course if it snows, I feel the same way.

We have the same candle. Fresh Picked Apples...that candle smells sooo good!

Have a great weekend!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Rainy days are nice...we've had quite a few of them here in southwestern PA this summer! There is something so cleansing about them that I just love...

Abounding Treasures said...

Rainy days make me feel the same way and I'm so glad that you returned to blog-land :o)

Blessings as you share tidbits of your life and your heart with us once again!