January 08, 2009

Winter Book Basket
In my ongoing attempt to build a home library of quality children's books I thought I'd share with you a few that are in our Winter book basket here at home. I try and find books with the most beautiful illustrations and the loveliest of text. I'm not to ashamed to admit that on some evenings I will go over by our fireplace, take one out, and read it to myself! You NEVER outgrow books, right? :)

I have ordered this book and will receive it any day now.
This book has Christmas in it's title but it is also a perfect story to read in the Winter!
And finally, are you familiar with Chinaberry Books? They are fairly new to me, but I'm so happy to have finally discovered them. I received their catalog (free) and reading the description of each one of their books is probably just as lovely as the books themselves!! Old fashioned goodness as it's best! If you'd like to receive a free catalog just go here.
What's in your Winter reading basket?


Arlene Grimm said...

I love Snowmen at Night...it is in my basket for my granddaughter. Another favorite is called, It Looked Like Spilt Milk....it is done in a vibrant blue and white and it is great for young babies and toddlers as they like the contrast. I love Childrens Books and as a former preschool teacher, I have lots of favorites.

Donna said...

Great collection of children's books! I enjoy reading them too.

Storybook Woods said...

You would make such a great homeschooling mom xoxox Clarice

Happy @ Home said...

I have a basket full of old children's books and I often sit and look through them. Your collection looks wonderful and thanks for the tip on the catalogue. I'm not familiar with that line, but they look interesting.

Ali at Chinaberry said...

Hi Susan,

I'm glad you enjoyed your Chinaberry catalog. I wanted to let you know that we just created a Chinaberry blog named Under the Chinaberry Tree: http://blog.chinaberry.com. We hope you & your blog readers will come visit us often and share some of your insights & challenges of
being a parent in today's world.

BTW... a couple of my winter favs are: First Snow in the Woods, Annie & the Wild Animals, and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

Elaine said...

I love the idea of a winter reading basket!