January 14, 2009

Happy Yellow Sunshine!

Ah, my beloved apothecary jar! This has got to be one of the most versatile accessories I have ever purchased. Within a second I can completely transform the look, which is especially good with me because I'm always changing things around in my home! When January rolled around thought I was going to be putting "snow related" items in it, but I changed my mind. On these dark, gloomy days of winter I thought a little bit of sunshine was just what the doctor ordered!


Happy @ Home said...

Love your sunny look. I think apothecary jars and cloches are so much fun to play with.

Mrs. U said...

I know we've talked about this before, Susan, because I LOOOOOOOVE yellow! Sunny, HAPPY yellow!! Just the thing needed to warm up and cheer up cold days!!!

I LOVE the lemons!!!!

Mrs. U

LBP said...

I have looked at those at TJ Maxx and have come very close to buying one. Yours looks is beautiful with the lemons.



Sharon Kay said...

Susan, I have to go and get me a jar .............I love the look of the lemons in it ,I have seen many blogs with the jars and so many good ideas for filling the jar. Thanks for the lemon idea......now I just have to get the jar. Warm hugs sent to you my friend.

Shari said...

oh, absolutely, we need the sun! :):)