October 26, 2008

Having Sweet Dreams Can Be A Nightmare!
When the springs of your mattress start "springing" out, you know it's time to get a new one. It got to the point where our mattress had become somewhat of a lethal weapon. As much as we wanted to, there was no more putting if off. We knew it was time. So, we put on our helmets and off we went on the dreaded mattress shopping trip. Here's a synopsis of how it went:
~As we entered the furniture store I felt somewhat like a mouse because as soon as our presence was made known we had numerous sale associates "pounce" on us. I knew this was going to happen, but somehow I was hoping it wouldn't. With big wide fake grins and dollar signs dancing in their eyes, they all wanted to be "of assistance" to us. UGH...........
~After telling them what we were after we were led amongst a maze of furniture to the section where all of the beds were. If I were to guesstimate, I would say there were probably at least 40. The first bed we were led to was the "Cadillac" of all beds. Of course it was their bestseller and it was for people who are bed "connoisseurs,"those that really appreciate a good night's sleep. Well, we like a good night's sleep just as much as another, but after seeing the price tag we decided quickly we could sleep just fine on another one!
~Sales associate then encourages us to take off our shoes and take a "test" drive, if you will. He tells us to take our time and says he will be back in just a minute. I'm thinking, "I have to try out forty beds and he's going to be back in a minute?" "No way!" I tell him make it fifteen, instead. FYI, he was back in two;o)

~It's at this point of the story I need to tell you that Mr. P and I love to sleep together, but we would prefer to do it in two different beds. I'm the kind of girl that loves a soft, downy, plush "bed and breakfast" kind of bed. You know, the one you sink into like you are floating on a cloud. Mr. P, on the other hand prefers the kind of mattress that I would think would be found on a army cot in the barracks. The firmer, the better. I'm talking no movement at all. You could bounce a quarter off of it. Ugh..... I start to feel a headache coming on.
~As we are making our way around the "wall of beds" I start to notice a pattern. Every bed Mr. P likes, I don't. Hmm......Every bed I like, Mr. doesn't. So then we start to examine the charts next to each bed to see if we can make sense of the whole thing. The chart gives numbers to rate the bed for firmness, durability, and comfort. Also, did you know that there is no such thing as an "ordinary" mattress anymore? They now have foam, air, pillow top, as well as a few other "must haves." Oh no, now my head is really starting to hurt. What? What does it all mean???
~I then start to become self-conscious because I notice that people are looking at us while we are laying (lying) in the beds. I feel it almost necessary for me to say, "it's okay, we're married!" Then I'm thinking, how can a person relax and test out a bed when the whole store is watching?As much as I tried to concentrate on the firmness number, I can still see them peering at us with my side vision.

~After awhile we started to notice a "tricky" thing that they did to try to fool us. They have the price of the smaller mattress in big bold letters, while the larger mattresses need a magnifying glass to be seen. Aw, no fair!
~I start to feel like Goldilocks in that famous story with the three bears. Me, "this bed is too hard" and Mr.P, "this bed is too soft." I have but one question, "where, oh where is Baby Bear's bed?" I need a spotlight to come from the ceiling and shine on the perfect one for us.
~After trying out one of the more inexpensive mattresses, Mr. P said that he thinks they are trying to make the cheaper mattresses feel bad by putting hard pillows on it. He said, "I think they have the really soft pillows on the expensive beds and the hard as a rock pillows on the cheap ones. We have now entered the paranoia stage of the trip.

~While discussing pillows my mind starts to wander and the part of me that is a germaphobe kicks in. I started to think of all the customers who have come before us that have laid their sweet little heads on the same pillows as we did. EEWW...... In preschool I told the children to never share hats because of "you know what." EEWW again!!!!

~Well, fifteen minutes turns into thirty, thirty into forty five, etc., etc.... You get the picture! The sales associate is about the wear a path on the carpet because of all the times he has come to "check" on us. After trying out all forty beds and thinking I can take it no longer,we decided to go back to the second bed we looked at. After comparing it to all of the others, we decided that yes, indeed, it wasn't too hard for me and it wasn't too soft for Mr. P!! Could it be? Why, yes!! So, we ended up doing what all happily married couples do, we compromised! It looks like we found Baby's Bear's bed after all!


Rhoto said...

Good for you-all!! Too bad North America is "behind the times"... In The Netherlands, all mattresses for two are sold separate. And then they are joined together with two hooks. SO, you buy fluffy & Hubby buys firm.
'Sweet dreams"!!
For a nice Dutch lullaby, scroll down a bit on Rhoto's Rag... My hubby sings this one to me every evening.
Rhonda in Montreal

Kelli said...

OH my! What an adventure! I'm glad you finally picked out a mattress. Phillip and I are the same way..he likes a firm one and I like soft. :0)

G.L.H. said...

We tried out one of those "sleep-number" beds that is made for different-sleepers. The salesman discovered that we use the same number! Incredibly, he then said that it would be a waste of money to buy the bed, tho' if we wanted to spend $3500....

We are planning to buy a plain ol' innerspring...next *Spring.*

Great story!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

I enjoyed your post. I know what you mean regarding the sales people "pouncing" on you when you enter the door of the store. I hate that.

Glad you found your new mattress.



Storybook Woods said...

This is sooo me and David. We ended up by an air mattress. I laugh because my side is very full and David has like a TBL of air in each corner !! Clarice

Sharon Kay said...

So glad that ma and pa bear found just the right mattress after trying them all. I can just see you jumping from bed to bed. It was a darling post my friend. Sleep well........
Sharon K

Susan P. said...

Rhoto, what a brilliant idea!!! That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?!! That is the sweetest thing for your husband to sing you a good night lullaby. A perfect way to start a good night's sleep:)

Susan P. said...

Barbara, did you and your husband have any idea you'd be the same sleep number? That's pretty amazing. What's also amazing is the salesman didn't try to sell you something you didn't need. It's nice to know he didn't "spring" a fast one on you;) Sorry, I couldn't resist!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

This reminds me of the story my husband tells when we use our "good" everyday china.

We have an agreement that we won't make a major purchase unless we find something we can agree on, and with totally different tastes that can be difficult.

Many years ago, I had decided we had to replace the dishes we used at dinnertime as the old dishes had become chipped and broken through the years.

I had an idea what I wanted but when we got to the store, he hated them. Same with every pattern we looked at. The poor sales girl was thinking we'd never find dishes!

I wanted something pretty (florals) and he wanted dishes either plain or with a geometric design.

Then she remembered a shipment that had just arrived and hadn't been put on the shelf. The center of the dishes were floral but the border had a geometric design.

We looked at each other and at the very same moment said, "We'll take it!!!". Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I, too, dislike the "pouncing" salespeople ....and then they follow your every move and I don't enjoy shopping for a "major" purchase in a rushed mode. Have found a furniture store in my area that fits my shopping needs...and I always ask for the same kind and patient salesperson when the "pouncers" attack at the door.
I shop because I need something and if the "pouncers" will allow me the time to look at my leasure with out the "stalking", I'll buy - if I find.