May 22, 2008


I'm so happy to share with y'all that Tyler is going to be okay!!!! Here is a small portion of the email that Michelle wrote to her dear friend, Candy:

"hi candy...just got back from the hospital to catch a few hours sleep, a shower & a change of clothes. i've been up for 35 hours now and my functioning capacity is slowing down."

"i'll share all the details later but yes tyler is going to be okay praise god! he broke his femur bone quite badly and it required a four hour surgery to repair. they put in a 10 cm diameter rod, about 40 cm long - into his leg. he's also got bruises and scratches all over and possibly a broken nose. he's in A LOT of pain but he's doing well."

"the car is totaled. a guy in a pickup truck pulled right out in front of tyler and tyler hit the passenger side of the truck going 58 miles per hour. it's a miracle he is alive, much less only having a broken leg. i am thankful beyond words."

"there's so much to tell you but right now i've got to go to sleep. i feel like i'm gonna drop any second. tyler wants me to stay all night at the hospital with him again tonight. i didn't leave his side from the time i got to the hospital yesterday afternoon until he had to go to surgery this morning."

Thank y'all so much for all of your care and concern, and most importantly, your prayers. I know that Michelle and her family thank you from the bottom of their hearts. If you want to give her a word of encouragment just scroll down to the previous post where there is a link to her blog.

Much love and joy,
Susan P


A Pretty Home said...

Thank God he is ok!
I was starting to prepare myself for the worst until she emailed.
Now I feel like I can breathe. I bet you feel like you can breathe now too hey Susan! :) We were pretty worried. Isnt God awesome :) He watched over Tyler and protected him so that Michelle still has her son with her today.
To GOD be the glory!!!
Happy hugs,
Candy :)

Adrienne said...

Praise the Lord for such good news! His hand was certainly on Tyler. ~Adrienne~

Sharon Kay said...

I will keep him in my prayers and it sounds like the prayers are at work all ready for Tyler and his family.

happybunny said...

What wonderful news - I passed by your blog yesterday and found the sad news that he had been in a car accident and prayed last night for him.
Hugs to the family. Wonderful, wonderful news...