April 15, 2008

Where Did You Get That Purse?

Oh my goodness, I have gotten so many emails about where I got my pink toile and polka dot purse from. I guess y'all love it as much as I do! Actually, I purchased it at a craft show and thought I was getting a one of a kind thing. BUT, I did a search on the name sewn on the purse and come to find out there are a slew of them that you can purchase online! Who knew? lol The best part is they are very affordable! The links are:
http://www.courtstreethomegifts.com/catalog.php?category=19 to their selections and then the purse that is similiar to mine can be found here:


I've got my eye on the black toile purse for Fall:o)


arlene said...

Thanks Susan....I love toile too and they had so many cute totes and purses at such a good price.

Amy Jo said...

oh my goodness...I have a new shopping site!!!!