April 16, 2008

It Really Works!!!

I admit it. I was a skeptic when it came to all the talk about saving money by shopping at CVS. For the last several months there have been numerous posts on many different blogs about have much people were saving by shopping there. Well, I was a hold out for a long time, but after seeing the prices in my grocery store climb each time I went, and the price of gas sky high, I decided it was certainly worth a try, after all, what could I lose?
I am here to tell y'all that it really, really does work!! When I left the store on Monday I had to only spend $1.88 out of pocket!!

And I was able to bring all of this home with me!
1 Pledge furniture polish
1 glass cleaner
1 Downy fabric softener
12 rolls Scott toilet paper
2 large containers of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent
2 bags M&M's
4 12 pack Diet Pepsi
ALL FOR $1.88!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That gave me a savings of $59.78!! I was so excited I thought I might faint, but somehow I was able to manage my composure, and got out of there without looking like a complete fool;o)

Besides saving all of that money I received more ECB's (extra care bucks) at the bottom of my receipt that I will spend next week!

What a blessing this has been! With times the way they are right now, it is so important to try and find ways to help with the family budget. I highly encourage anybody who lives near a CVS to give it a try ~ it is absolutely WORTH IT!


Storybook Woods said...

I have be skeptical too. I am not even sure if there is a CVS around here. I will have to check it out xoxoxox Clarice

Lura said...

I am a CVS'er too. I love all the free stuff I get there.

Mary Isabella said...

Wow this is so awesome...Smiles

Anita said...

What a great deal- we have CVS. Where do you get the CVS coupons?

Lallee said...

That is amazing!