March 05, 2008

What Do You Do When . . . .

The sky is blue, the clouds are puffy white, and the temps are in the 70's?
Why, have a picnic, of course!!

Mr. P always makes me laugh:o)

We only had one ant join us, but hey, it wouldn't be a picnic without at least one!


Anonymous said...

Susan, you and Mr. P are the cutest couple ever. I love your hairdo,it looks so pretty on you.And thanks for sharing your crafts,it makes me want to get a wreath on my door.(we have lots of wind here,too.)Have a great day.

Lallee said...

You deserve a picnic. You have been busy decorating all over the place! Looks like it was a very fun picnic and I love the picture.

Mrs. U said...

It certianly looks like y'all had a wonderful time picnicing!!!!! What wonderful weather, indeed, and I agree a picnic was in order for that day!!!

Mrs. U