March 12, 2008

Spring Has "Sprung" In Our Dining Room!
Out with winter and in with Spring! I love bringing out the same bunny and chicks, it's like welcoming old friends! I create the same centerpiece each year. All I do is get my cake plate (like I did at Valentine's Day) and place the candle on top and surround with eggs and flowers purchased at the dollar store.
The plates that you see on the table are my wonderful find from the Dollar Tree several years ago. Each plate cost only $1.00 so I was able to get eight to have a layered effect. I love the pink flowered plates on top of the soft green ones. If you have a Dollar Tree in your area and you are wanting to "spruce" up a bit I would definitely say to go there. When our son moved out I bought all of his plates, glasses, bowls, and even cutlery there and it truly looked like it had come from a department store. The best part about it is that because it is so inexpensive it affords you the opportunity to change looks every now and then!


Charli and me said...

I just love your idea of putting the candle on the cakeplate and surrounding it with flowers. I am going to try it. I love pulling out my little season things too! Great post!

Mrs. C said...

Your table looks delightful! I really need to invest in a cake stand. They are so versatile! :)

Mrs. U said...

Everything looks SO pretty, Susan!!! You seem to have such a happy home!!

Mrs. U

Michelle said...

You always seem to have such awesome holiday decorating ideas...and they're inexpensive - gotta love that! ha ha ha Your spring decorations are very pretty! I think I'm inspired to pick up a few things from Dollar Tree today :)

fireflynights said...

Like the cakeplate idea. Your display looks nice.

In December I bought a Longaberger wreath basket to use with a hurricane globe and candle in the center. I'm using it on the dining room table. I'm supposed to have jelly beans around the candle, but my OH keeps forgetting to buy them. I filled the basket part with Easter grass and some vintage Easter candles, plus the Miss Peepers chicken and nest I recently bought.

I had just checked out at Jo-Ann's fabric yesterday when I saw a cute bag of plastic, pastel eggs near the door. I turned and looked at the line that had formed at the register and decided it wasn't worth it to wait, so I left. Maybe the dollar store here will have them.

Kelli said...

How pretty, Susan! I remember those sweet chicks from last year, I know what you mean about them being like old friends!

Storybook Woods said...

Your kidding. you got those plates at the dollar tree. Ours has such scary stuff, great find !!! Clarice

Susan said...

I have that same doily!!!!!
I love it!

Charlotte said...

I just realized I have a bunny like yours. I took pictures and posted them for a couple of days, but overlooked that bunny. I haven't seen him in awhile. Must have put him up somewhere and forgot about him. I'd better go look for him. Thanks for the reminder.