March 11, 2008

A Good Laugh

If you need a good laugh this afternoon then I would highly, highly recommend you go over and visit my good friend Lallee. I've been reading blogs for 2 years now and I honestly think this is the funniest post I have ever read!! I laughed so loud and so hard that I almost needed to be wearing Depends, if y'all know what I mean!! The pictures alone will just crack y'all up!!

Ah, the joy of laughter!

Much love,
Susan P.


fireflynights said...

Had already been there, done that and I agree with you about how funny it was. Glad you shared it with folks who don't read that blog.

Julieann said...

I will have to check it out:) Your new header is just beautiful!!!


Michelle said...

Oh that was too funny! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of a good laugh :)

Jackie said...

So funny, I am still laughing, the tears are running down my face. Never have I seen so many bubbles in a tub.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh soo funny. I needed a good laugh, thank you xoxox Clarice